Rihanna Brings Raunchy Loud Tour To Brazil

Rihanna has gone international with her raunchy LOUD tour. The Man Down singer landed in Sao Paulo, Brazil on Friday with her entourage. Rihanna performed the following night at the Arena Skol tweeting before taking the stage: “SAO PAULO LET’S DO THISSSS!!! #LOUDtourBRAZIL”

Set to take on her sixth studio album, Rihanna had a slew of material to cover featuring a few of her hits including Disturbia, Umbrella, Only Girl in the World and of course her latest hit Cheers. The singer and her LOUD tour is well known for her sexy outfits and very suggestive dance moves – nothing out the ordinary. Except it appeared RiRi had a constant wardrobe malfunction with her leotard riding up and exposing much of her butt cheeks. See pics below

Rihanna tweeted after he performance: “SAO PAULO I love you! I will definitely be back!!!”

Check out her performance of Cheers below

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