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Jennifer Lopez Premieres 'Papi' Music Video With Awkward Dance Number

Jennifer Lopez, JLo and Jenny from the Block all attempted to make a connection in the music video premiere of Papi, the official third single from Love?. The scene opens with a somber Jennifer grabbing her mail when Lisa the attendant offers her a cookie to bring her love back. Jennifer bites off more than she can chew and the next morning men are literally fighting to win her affection – can a girl ask for much more?! Jennifer emerges in what looks like a failed attempt at mature sexy – no one looks good in pleats!!

Perhaps the most awkward moment was the dance number – and JLo can move! Are at least she used to?? Not sure what went wrong here – but I did smile when the older man with the jean button down khakis was doing his thing 🙂

Other than the terrible outfit choice and failed dance routine (only for Jennifer) it’s a totally cute video. When does this cookie hit the market?! Check it out below:

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