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Holly Robinson Peete Of CBS 'The Talk' Says Fans 'Deserve A Reason'

Holly Robinson Peete and Leah Remini were axed from CBS’ The Talk after it’s premiere season. Holly and Leah undoubtedly brought life to the show. After the second season premiered sans Holly and Leah, dedicated viewers were outraged and vowed to boycott. Holly appeared optimistic but felt a level of responsibility to her viewers as she dished to E! News,

“To be quite honest no, we have not heard a reason, and that kind of makes it a little more frustrating. I’ve been around long enough in this business to know that, sometimes, you don’t get a reason. You just pick up and keep moving.”

“Our loyal viewers, especially the mom bloggers and some of the audience that we really built our core base on, I think they deserve a reason or some acknowledgment.”

“But from my personal point of view,” she continued, “I’m moving on and looking toward the future.   But I do understand the frustration of not knowing.”

Current ratings of The Talk appear to be steady at about 1.9 million viewers. Many are stating that because viewers are not fully aware that Holly and Leah were indeed axed, in time, say three months, ratings will begin to decline. Something that CBS/Julie Chen may have thought about ahead of time. Good luck to Holly and Leah!!

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  1. nancy henderson says:

    We will no longer be watching the Talk. We love all the girls but we wanted them to stay just the way the talk made it’s success on TV. Please bring them back! Sorry Julie, we’ll see you on Big Brother. .

  2. Lynn says:

    I, too, will no longer be watching The Talk. Why did they try to “fix it” when it wasn’t “broken”? It was lively, entertaining and informative before. Now it is just plain boringl

  3. M.A.H. says:

    Very disappointed that Leah and Holly are no longer part of The View. I enjoyed them both very much. The panel is now identical to the ladies on The View…sometimes entertaining but more often boring! More disappointing is the way this was handled by the remaining members of the panel. Why was there no announcement? Very unfair to the viewers and fans.

  4. Helen says:

    I cannot believe Holly & Leah were axed. They made the show.Julie was such a goodie-goodie. I watched a couple of the new season shows and changed channels. I THE TALK gets canceled.

  5. Pat H says:

    Didn’t like the that Supposedly Gilbert called it her idea. It was a copied idea. Gave it a chance and it “appeared as if they all got along so well. Loved Holly, then Leah and Sharon. Julie seemed to carry the facade of being more intelligent, more refined, a total farce. Then to hear that Julie stole someone’s husband really bothered me. And there she is before hair in face at times trying to ooze sexuality as well. And reading more about her questionable ways in persuing job options. Not buying it, seems as if she is looking for another rung on her personal ladder to elevate herself, how ever she can. She is “Miss opportunity”, looking out for herself. Well no Big brother and no more “the Talk” for me anymore.

    And CBS,it appears to be quite shady how you lead your viiewers to believe that Holly and Leah would still be part of the show. But you knew that if you were to announce their being axed from the show, you would loose “ratings”. How sinister. Waiting to see the new ratings, then ultimately your demise.

    You get what you give…

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