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Halle Berry Flaunts Bikini Body; Mila Kunis Leaked Photos

Oscar winning actress Halle Berry is spending time with her daughter Nahla and boyfriend of one year actor Olivier Martinez in Spain. The actress is on a break while filming another film Cloud Atlas in Berlin, Germany. Berry’s custody agreement with Nahla’s father stipulates the actress can travel with Nahla while shooting any film.

Halle was spotted with a purple biking showing off her envious figure while Olivier looked on with pleasure. The couple also found some time to play kissy kissy in the water. Earlier in the week the happy family was taking a break in Mallorca, Spain.

Despite her many tabloid dust ups, Halle has never found herself in the middle of a nude photo scandal. Young Hollywood stars can’t stop themselves from taking nude photos. Friends with Benefits star Mila Kunis nude photos leaked. Kunis is the latest victim in a string of young starlets, Scarlett Johansson included, who’re finding their privacy compromised by a hacker. This time Mila managed to pull in her co-star Justin Timberlake into the fray. The co-stars vehemently denied they were anything more than just friends – yet of the four leaked photos two were of Justin wearing a pink panty on his head and another of him laying on a bed shirtless.

The possibility of the friends potentially hooking up appears to be the bigger scandal than the leaked photos! Is this why JT and Jessica Biel took a break? Another obvious question is how many more actresses must be embarrassed before they stop storing nude pictures on their phones?!?!

Scarlett Johansson has contacted the FBI but Mila Kunis leaked photos apparently isn’t that big a deal to her or JT for that matter. At least until it hits the web. Check out video of Halle courtesy of E! News flaunting her bikini body!


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