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Kelly Rowland Opens Up To Runway Magazine About Identity Crisis

Kelly Rowland, the beautiful and talented singer could not avoid the plague that many young people face of feeling insecure in their own skin. Observing the singer now, with her no. 1 hit Motivation, where she displays with ease a command for her craft, one would never guess her previous battle. Kelly covers the fall issue of Runway magazine where she opened up about the crisis,

“There’s so much peer pressure growing up, I had an identity crisis. I went to a predominantly white school and I was the only black girl. I can remember thinking: ‘I don’t want to be as dark as I am — I want to be a little fairer.’ I didn’t want to be me…Tina sat me in front of the mirror and said: ‘Girl, look at how pretty you are.’ She made me feel comfortable in my own skin.”

It is safe to presume that Kelly Rowland has found comfort with her beautiful complexion – perhaps it will help other women find comfort.

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