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Evelyn Lozada Calls It Quits On Basketball Wives And Twitter

Reality TV star Evelyn Lozada is allegedly giving up the trash talking and drama of Basketball Wives and the snippy exchanges on twitter for a homely life with Chad?

On Tuesday night Evelyn tweeted,


Just wanted to say that I won’t be on Twitter for a while.   Going 2 possibly delete my account & I won’t be signing on 2 do anymore shows.   I really thank you all for all of your support! I truly love the people that have stuck by me #ImOut.”

What? She’s Out? Out of twitter…out of Basketball wives? Or just simply out of her mind.   This is quite the surprise given Evelyn, and her NFL fiancée Chad Ochocinco/Johnson, are both notorious gluten for media attention.   Could it possibly be because of her impending pregnancy or an affair with Terrell Owens?

The apparent consensus is that Lozada may be taking a break after recently revealing to sources she’s pregnant.   You may recall Evelyn and Chad’s all too romantic encounter with their fertility doctor on an episode of basketball wives.   Although during the reunion show she claimed the two would wait, it appears the wait is over as sources confirm that the rumors are true and a baby (or two) will soon be on the way.

However, Evelyn’s exit from twittverville may be due to something entirely different. Rumors are also re-surfacing that Lozada and fellow reality celebrity Kita from the T.O show, are still embroiled in a beef that stemmed from Kita’s previous comment stating Evelyn was “a non-mother f-kin’ factor”.

Allegedly Evelyn attempted to retaliate by re-tweeting a fans remarks calling Kita a poorly dressed transvestite with a bad weave. Ouch…

Nonetheless, the two continued to go at it as Mo (Kita’s business partner and cast mate on the T.O show) joined the discussion by expressing disdain over the manner in which Evelyn choose to portray herself on basketball wives.   Here’s a brief snippet of Mo’s heated remarks;

“What she reminds me of is a walking yeast infection cause everybody’s had one.   She met, she greet-meet and slept with a man all in the same night.”

Double ouch!

And about Terrell Owens? VH1 – yes VH1 reportedly posted on their blog a rumor that Evelyn and Terrell had a fling before Chad and Evelyn became serious – since they got busy on the first date – it would mean Chad and Ev were had already passed the physical phase. If this is true of course. Both Evelyn and T.O have denied the rumor – on Twitter no less.

It’s getting really difficult to keep up with Ev and these rumors – she may have life after Basketball Wives after all – sheesh! Unless of course this is actually just a publicity stunt…in which case we can simply stay tuned for the spin off show which is sure to come!

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