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Leah Remini And Holly Robinson Peete Fired From CBS 'The Talk'

Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete were noticeably absent from CBS’ The Talk this morning with a new face comedian Sheryl Underwood officially joining the crew. The View look-alike found its audience as the option for women intelligently hashing out daily issues minus the shout fest ala The View.

Many viewers quickly formed their favorite which ironically included Holly Robinson and Leah Remini. While speculation about the changes surfaced last month, Robinson is finally confirming the news.

“After weeks in limbo, I was finally “officially” given word from CBS today that I have not been picked up for the 2nd season of The TALK,’ Robinson Peete wrote on her blog.

“I realize there have been several reports and “leaks” for sometime to this effect but until today I was not contractually released which prevented me from moving on and finding other work.”

“While I am relieved to have this closure, it doesn’t diminish my disappointment one bit about not continuing with a show I worked very hard to launch and love dearly.

But I’ve been around long enough to know that while you cannot control certain situations you CAN control how you respond to them.
Thank you to CBS for a tremendous opportunity to realize a long held dream of mine to host a daytime talk show.

I learned SO much and will cherish and build upon my experience. Best of all I made some friends for life.'”

Leah opted for a much shorter response via twitter,

‘It’s official: I am sorry to say that I have NOT been asked back on the show’.

Reality TV mom Kris Jenner will reportedly take on a two-week assignment on the show but will not be permanent.

Fans are in an uproar over the changes, many pledging to boycott the program. The Talk just premiered its second season – will it last?

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265 thoughts on “Leah Remini And Holly Robinson Peete Fired From CBS 'The Talk'

  1. Nia says:

    “found it’s audience”?

    It’s is a contraction for it is or it has.

    Its is a possessive pronoun meaning, more or less, of it or belonging to it.

  2. kathi says:

    You fired two great stars and excellent hosts. With her husband owning the show, it certainly makes Julie Chen a control freak, for her…..she is always right….my way or the highway….too bad Sara doesn’t fire her!!!! I no longer plan to watch the show.

  3. Mark WIlliams says:

    Julie Chen’s an evil wench who’s the reason for that whole mess and I no longer am watching Talk.

  4. cc junod says:

    So… all that friendship we loved wasn’t real after all? If it was, the same clan of 5 would still be there. Not only am I done with this show out of respect for what it was, I am done b/c I was fooled into believing that everyone was truly a life-long honest friend. Obviously, not the case and viewers won’t follow after being robbed. CBS “fixed” what wasn’t broken and ruined a show.

  5. Linda Weston says:

    The only thing Leah and Holly did wrong was outshine Julie Chen. For that, they were fired. Must be nice to work at CBS, break up the bosses 30 year marriage, keep getting promotions and new shows ONLY because you’re banging the boss. Chen is a disgrace to women. No one should watch anything that tramp is on. I will miss Leah and Holly. I can’t believe what a mean, cruel back stabber Julie Chen is. I knew she wasn’t a decent person, but I didn’t know she was such an evil tyrant over at CBS.

  6. Melissa R. Chiera says:

    The only reason I got hooked on the show was because of Leah and Holly! Mrs. O still makes it fun…but she will be taking a break soon, don’t forget. The other two, Sarah and Julie are boring without Leah’s and Holly’s antics and stories. I won’t be watching! What a shame! The banter and loudness of the show made it feel more like they were just talking as a group of friends and now…nope…Just another show like The View which I do not like at all. CBS has made a big mistake if you ask me and it makes me sad. I felt like I was actually sitting among a group of friends. Now it’s just another show with guest hosts and changing people. I would like to know why Leah and Holly were not picked up for this season and I think it should have been addressed somehow on the show yesterday, instead of just seeing that they weren’t there and nobody cared.


  7. plove says:

    I am truly hurt that they are gone…They kept the show up beat..Are you serious… I will not continue to support the show because there is some back stabbing some where…Best of luck to you Holly and Leah…The show wont be the same without you..

  8. Theresa says:

    I was very surprised to no longer see my two favorites of the Talk Leah & Holly on the 2nd season premier show. I also thought the show is no longer interesting and fun without them therefore it will be taken off my list of shows to watch during the day!! I’m very sadden that they are gone!! Leah made me laugh everyday….it’s very boring now!! I’m very sure it won’t last!!

  9. Sandy says:

    I could not agree MORE! What a stupid decision! I have deleted it from my DVR. This show was a huge hit last year and had it been on opposite The View, they would have crushed them. Idiots RULE — what a shame!

  10. Beth says:

    I am truly lost for words and very upset that Leah and Holly will not be there to make my day in some way. Loved listening to them, their honest opinions and true life stories. They made me laugh everyday. I hope they are planning to come back in some big way on TV. I cant imagine not seeing or listening to them again.
    I hope together they are planning on going with another newtork and come back with “Hot Topics” because that is what they are and what we enjoyed most about them. THEIR HONESTY
    I will no longer be watching The Talk!!
    YOu will be missed dearly!!

  11. Shirley Wolff says:

    The Talk was one of my favorite shows….one I looked forward to watching mainly because of Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete. I watched the debut yesterday, and it truly was horrible without those two. They both brought so much to the show, and now it’s flat. I, sadly, will no longer be watching The Talk. If public opinion means anything, I hope the ratings divebomb.

  12. Juli says:

    I had heard Julie Chen was a bitch but thought I was wrong after watching the show and now realize she is really a dumb bitch. This was my very favorite show and I would always tape it if I was not home. It is pathetic that Sara Gilbert did not back up her good friend and QUIT! Same as Mrs. O
    They are really fake TV friends making fools out of anyone watching anything Julie Chen is on. I have definitely taken this show off my DVR watch list! Why is it when you have something good, you screw it up!!! If ABC or FOX is smart they will start a new show with Holly and Leah to compete with the Talk and The View which I also hate!

  13. Katie says:

    I truly enjoyed watching The Talk …It was such a refreshing break from everything. Lot’s of laughs guaranteed. Holly and Leah were my favorites. It only took a minute into the show yesterday to realize something was not right. CBS should be ashamed for not having the class to let their viewers know of the changes. It was so BORING I turned the TV off. I will NOT be watching the show now that they are gone. Can’t wait to see the new ratings!!! I hope another network would consider picking Leah and Holly up for another talk show elsewhere.

  14. Dawn says:

    I agree with everyone else’s posts. What a disgrace that they didn’t even acknowledge that Leah and Holly weren’t at the table, after they were the ones that made the whole show! I set my DVR and watch it every night, and was shocked when they weren’t on yesterday. What a shame. I thought this show would out do The View, but no longer. This show will not last without them. They kept it interesting and made everyone laugh, whereas Sarah says next to nothing, and Julie shows no emotion. I don’t understand by these big-wigs have to change something when it’s not broken. Officially cancelled my DVR setting this morning.

  15. Kristin says:

    HUGE Leah Remini fan, honestly could careless about Holly, her stories were definately on the annoying side. Leah on the other hand, hilarious, beautiful, genuine. No more View for me. Classic case of money=power. Richmond, VA <3's Leah!!!

  16. Mary says:

    Shame on CBS for letting the boss’s wife make a choice that will kill this show. Julie Chen is a stiff, unfunny, boring human being and the only funny about her was watching Leah and Holly make fun of her stiffness. I watched EVERY episode of the Talk last season and will NOT WATCH ONE this. Good job CBS you messed it up AGAIN!!!!!!

  17. Tommy Wallace says:

    Unbelievable. The two hottest chicks on there, Holly and Leah , are both out. I ‘m not wanking to Julie Chen or Missy Gilbert. HAHAHAHA

  18. ericka says:

    Holly Robinson is my favorite, she did a better job of hosting the talk than julie chen shes annoying. I did watch it yesterday and it was pretty boring. Its not the same anymore and i dont think it will last much longer. way to go CBS…

  19. Gail says:

    I watched the new season of the Talk yesterday and did not see the two women that were in my opinion, that made that show watchable, what a horrible decision to not include Leah and Holly, I’m not watching this anymore.

  20. Brad Lee The Dawg says:

    Good Bye “Talk” RIP. I’m just a guy who has CBS on in my office in the afternoon- but it seems to me they fired the wrong two hosts… or why fire any of them, the show was just starting to get a vibe. The big black girl is a TERRIBLE fit – no chemistry whatsoever with the other hosts. EPIC FAIL CBS

  21. Diane says:

    I am devastated that Leah and Holly are no longer on the show. They “made” the show. I just want to know WHY they were asked not to return! Sara, where is your backbone????

  22. Brad Lee The Dawg says:

    Thank you – keep up the good fight. I point out all the its / it’s your/you’re there/their/they’re but we’re in the informed minority. Most people don’t care (and are functionally illiterate)

  23. Jane Smith says:

    Just another show CBS has screwed up. Stopped watching morning show because of crazy changes, now The Talk will also be dropped from my must watch list. CBS is becoming the low channel on my list of must watch channels. Why change a good thing. GOOD BYE!

  24. js says:

    I was disappointed to turn on The Talk today and find out Leah and Holly were gone. They were my favorites, both appear to be down to earth and in tune with real moms/women. I have probably watched my last episode of The Talk.

  25. Laura says:

    I would definately watch Leah nd Holly on another channel! Best idea yet. I will not watch the talk anymore.

  26. Laura says:

    BORING!!!!!! I am so disappointed. How can a major network be so stupid. I liked Holly, but Leah totally made the show. It really felt like a group of good friends. Now it seems fake and very boring. I so looked forward to the Talk everyday, because it felt like time with girlfriends. I will no longer be watching. Must have something to do with Julie Chen. Thanks CBS for freeing up an hour of my day.

  27. Ann says:

    HUGE mistake taking Leah and Holly off the show. I loved everything each and every one of these women brought to the table but Leah and Holly were my favorites. I wont be watching either. The show is ruined….

  28. Carissa says:

    Stupid stupid stupid! I will never tune in to the show again. I am very disappointed in Mrs. O and Sara for not walking out. Julie Chen, couldn’t give a hoot about her.

  29. Delores says:

    I loved the Talk ….No more for me . I am PISSED that on yesterday”s show Leah and Holly”s name was not even mention. All my sister”s and my daughter use to DVR the Talk every day. I loved the ladies at the table . Holly AND Leah i WISH you THE best. THE TALK WILL NOT LAST.

  30. Betty says:

    I am not sure what dynamic or demographic this show is targeting, but it is not my friends or me. You fired two of the BEST personalities from your cast – women the rest of us could identify with on a daily basis. Too bad. You were beginning to hit your stride and now you’ll have a major setback because like many others, I will be tuning out of The Talk and watching something else!!!

  31. holly says:

    I am truely disappointed and will watched mainly because of Leah, this saddens me and I will not watch even though I loved this show and I am not a fan of The view. Leah is funny and tells it like it is and is honest about what she says even if someone doesnt like it. Here’s to wishing her and Holly the best of luck.

  32. Kathy Perio says:

    I looked forward to watching the Talk daily and taped the show when I wasn’t home. With Leah and Holly not returning I don’t care to watch it anymore !

  33. I was looking forward to the return of the “talk.. I was shocked and waiting for an explation as to where leah and holly were. there was not a word.. I have, luckily , on tivo, a few snipits of leah , holly, and their hilarity, which made the show.. I am going through a tough time, and they just made me laugh so much, …its very said and there is no reason, CBS must address this and give us a good reason..they are better than allll the other women on the panel… Linda

  34. Sims says:

    This is so sad. I tend to agree with the other comments. I really truly thought they were friends. I know the truth now and can’t believe they had me so fooled. No more “The Talk” for me.

  35. Phyllis Steinsaltz says:

    I really was so comfortable with the previous cast. It will take a long time to adjust. I can’t see where CBS gains in this, unless the two were difficult to handle. I would find that hard to believe, so I just think a big mistake was made.

  36. qt8625 says:

    Stopped watching “The View” because its tired, lame and old. Started watching “The Talk” because it was different, fast,fresh, quick and funny. Julie Chen does not realize the gold mine she had with Leah and Holly. However, my curiosity got the best of me and watched the new show with the new cast. It’s not good, it’s tired, lame and old. Looks like I will be taping old movies now instead of watching “The Talk” . No value.

  37. qt8625 says:

    I agree. Holly and Leah could do it.

  38. PAT says:


  39. Turned on the Talk today. No Leah, no Holly. No Talk for me anymore. They made some bad choices. Sarah should fire herself and Julie. Oh wait, that can’t happen. Think I will start watching the VIEW!!!!!!!

  40. d malone says:

    i am so mad i loved leah and holly and will not be watching the talk me and all the other mothers ive talked to will now only watch the view……so disappointing to wait for the second season then be blindside with news they are no longer there … dare sarah and sharon not quit r at least make a statement saying how wrong this was……ugggh

  41. Carolyn says:

    What a boring show without Leah & Holly. They were the life of The Talk and each day I looked forward to laughing for an hour. Was happy to find another show after Bonnie Hunt went off the air but guess will have to look for something else. Shame on whoever did not “renew” their contract.

  42. Sheri b. says:

    I just deleted the series of “The Talk”. it’s not the same without Leah and Holly. It sucks now. Thanks CBS for ruining a great show….

  43. s. cochrane says:

    Am watching 2nd day of new season and YUCK! I have other things to do and will turn the TV off in a minute. We viewers don’t want to have the ugly side of the tv business shoved in our face. Am watching the “friendly” banter and all I can think of is that Julie Chen has a hatchet under her chair for the next person that crosses her. Julie, we don’t really care about you or your stories. Hopefully that hatchet will pass to your husband and he’ll ax your show and we won’t have to deal with the bla bla bla.

  44. Yvette Rachelle Williams says:

    THE BIG BLACK GIRL BRAD, really?? Why not the new girl? How shallow and racists of you!!!!

  45. Rochelle says:

    Everyday I looked forward to “The Talk” no longer plan on watching the show… Leah and Holy made the show…. Hope that these girls find something together, so we can see them again…..

  46. Lawanna Andrus says:

    I don’t get it!! I loved to watch when I could and for CBS to let Leah go and Holly is just ridicious. What are they thinking.??? I never like to watch the View at all, but The Talk has been nice to tune into until now. Will not watch it again.

  47. Victoria says:

    Thought I’d watch it again; perhaps the first day was just strained. Wrong!!! Just as bad. Took it off my DVR for good. No Holly and Leah. No The Talk. Enough said.

  48. My Cousin Vinny says says:

    Big Mistake.. The powers who made the decision to release Leah and Holly
    never understood that the success of TV Shows and Athletic teams WIN when they
    They lost it when they were fired. They will be lucky to last the season. With so much
    negative TV coverage The Talk gave us an hour of enteraiment.

  49. Scooby says:

    I am truly disappointed that Leah and Holly are no longer on The Talk. They were 2 of my favorites. The show to me is officially boring. I recommended the show to alot of my friends because it was so funny and so REAL. Not anymore. Thanks

  50. Kat says:

    I have deleted the show off my DVR. What a big mistake! Leah and Holly made the show!

  51. Mdyns says:

    I am VERY UPSET about not having Leah or Holly. I loved the chemistry with the 5 original woman. However, @ Cochrane – the person we need to primarily blame is Sara…she is an executive Producer. She has more power than Julie.
    I always DVR “THE TALK” if I cant watch live. After 2 shows, I am done. If I see it, I see it. I dont care anymore.
    I love Julie & Sharon but the mix with Holly and Leah made it special. Sara is just keeping a seat warm. She adds little to the conversations.

  52. Casey J says:

    I tried watching the new season today and yesterday. It was HORRIBLE without Leah and Holly. I deleted the series and will no longer watch.

  53. Pat from Miami says:

    I am an old retired lady who recorded the talk every day. I loved Leah and Holly the
    most and the way they worked with the others. Wish they could get their own show on
    another channel. CBS handled this very poorly and lost respect from so many fans.
    But I guess they don’t really care. My DVR will now record the Food Network only.

  54. Cyndi Brooks says:

    The show sucks! Miss ya Leah and Holly! I am done with the Talk!

  55. Machelle says:

    The Talk is OVER……….i AM NOT WATCHING AGAIN.

  56. diana says:

    I can’t believe that no mention of Leah and Holly was made. As if we wouldn’t notice they were gone. No respect for them and I have to say I will stop watching the show. Both shows were boaring, I have lost interest.

  57. Bugged Baby Boomer says:

    Dawn, I’m not sure why I expected Julie to acknowledge the absence of Leah & Holly, but the disrespect shown to viewers who have come to enjoy the show as it was when it finished it’s freshman season was really disheartening. i used to watch the show & feel such a sense of empowerment from 5 very different personalities-I did not always agree with all their opinions, but I found it courageous of CBS to do a show like this in a time when reality is crammed down our throats-Where you can agree to disagree & still communicate that basic respect-which came through to viewers. I will not be watching either & I would expect more from Sara. I’m sure Sharon was signed contractually before she knew of the ousting. I sincerely hope they will re-think this decision & bring them back.

  58. Maryann says:

    Absolutely hate the TALK without Leah and Holly. Julie we tolerated you and the insipid Sarah because Leah and Holly made the TALK interesting. Because of Leah and Holly the TALK stood out from the other talk shows. I am done with the show. Ciao

  59. Vickie L says:

    I too set my DVR to record The Talk and I just learned that Holly and Leah weren’t brought back so I deleted it from my scheduled. Its just not the same without them. They made the show so much better. There was a time that I like the talk better than the veiw… Bye-Bye The Talk! Im done

  60. TDJ says:

    Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete made the show worth watching. Now that they are gone, there is no reason to watch. And to give no explanation to the viewers? How rude. I guess they think we are stupid and won’t even notice they are gone. lol. The show is a waste now & I won’t watch.

  61. Sarah says:

    Sara does NOT have more power than Julie. Julie is married to the head of the whole CBS network. Sara has to play by CBS’s rules. Plus, Sara and Leah are really good friends, there is no way she is responsible for firing her. Julie is just a bitch though and doesn’t have any chemistry or closeness with any of them. I REALLY can’t stand Julie anymore. She was always big-headed, boring, and annoying, but now she’s really just taken it to another level.

  62. Kristy says:

    Without Leah & Holly I will not be watching the show. The only reason I started watching it was because of them. Sorry The Talk, but I just erased you from my DVR!

  63. shep says:

    The two must have been a threat to Julie Chen. Other than Sara Gilbert, who is the creator and is dry as cardboard, they were the comic relief for the show. They used their acting skills to make the show funny. Everyone knows that their weekends or parties weren’t that wild and outrageous but they went over the top for t.v. Chen and Gilbert tried to keep up and Osbourne wasn’t there half of the time. So they ere gaining control of the show, i.e., moms always sitting in the audience as part of the show. Must have been irritating the higher ups. Also, find it hard to believe that money didn’t play a factor.

  64. Donna Mott says:

    I agree with Sarah. I have NEVER liked Julie at all!!!

  65. me and my sis says:

    I made it about five minutes into the first show to see how they were going to address the departures. Whe they didn’t, I left. Holly and Leah made the show for me.

    I agree Sarah that Julie is the one with the power here. But I feel back for Leah because on her Twitter account she said that she hadn’t heard from Sara since the whole mess started. Nice friend.

  66. Rachel says:

    I miss Holly and Leah… the show is not the same… too bad viewers were not informed… the first day all the new person did was blab about herself.. how boring…no longer care to watch.

  67. Nancy says:

    Today is Thursday, September 8, 2011, I am watching The Talk for the third day. I am wondering where is Leah and Holly – I rewind the television backward to see if they had said anything about Leah and Holly’s retrun. Today, September 8, 2011, I look up on the internet to find that Leah and Holly will not be returning. SHOCK! I will not be watching The Talk any longer. I have deleted the show from my record series. The show is very boring without Leah and Holly. The caracters that still on there (Julie, Melissa, and Sharon O) … Can not touch Holly and Leah charisma (the power to attact and hold ones attention… made the show interesting to watch. Leah and Holly ,both, would make me laugh. Kept the show exciting… I could not wait for the show to come on. Again, I am very dissapointed – The Talk no longer interesting to watch. I WILL NO LONGER BE WATCHING THE TALK. Good Luck Holly and Leah! You were GREAT!

  68. Nancy says:

    Leah and Holly you will be missed. I NO LONGER WILL BE A VIEWER OF HE TALK. The show is boring without Holly and Leah. HOLLY AND LEAH MADE THE SHOW INTERESTING TO WATCH! I have deleted the series from my recording setup.

  69. Sandy Shahwan says:

    Disgusting! Forget it, I tried watching it without them and will never do it again. Lousy!

  70. Ellen Jorgensen says:

    Holly and Leah should have their own show, it would be infinitely better with the two of them than what’s left of the show. What a lame show to not even address this with its viewers! Sad to watch without them.

  71. Cindy says:

    I enjoyed the Talk last season and Leah and Holly brought humour and spice to the show. I can’t believe their contracts were not renewed. I tuned in this week and thought perhaps that both were on holiday not realizing what happened. Not having the two of them on the show will prove to be a BIG mistake. The show is very dry now and don’t think I’ll continue watching. Furthermore, to not have their departures noted to the viewers is a disgrace. CBS you suck!

  72. Tina says:

    I totally agree it was so hard to watch and NOT see them there! The 2 most outgoing funniest people and you take them out of the show? Confused!

  73. I also will not watch the talk without Leah and Holly. I started watching because of them. My dvr recording has one less program. Who’s great idea was it to get rid of them?

  74. I too will no longer watch The Talk. My dvr has one less show to tape. Big Mistake.

  75. Linda says:

    Leah and Holly I hope you are reading these comments. You are going to be missed. I couldn’t wait to get home after a hards day work to watch my recorded show. I have never laughed so hard. I quit eating and drinking during the show because half the time
    I was spitting it across the room because I was cracking up. I deleted it from DVR.
    Julie if you are responsable shame on you. You have screwed yourself. Best wishes to you Holly and Leah hope to see you on TV soon. A sitcom would be great with the both of

  76. Linda gerstner says:

    I’m done. They were the best part of it. Bad bad move CBS

  77. Holly and Leah made the show fun. I’m done. Bad call CBS

  78. kelly says:

    I could NOT agree more! I watched The Talk for the first time when The View was on vacation. I fell in love with the show and set it up to record everyday. I was excited to watch the new season only to find out that the 2 favorites of mine are NOT there anymore! I think it is awful and I have cancelled my recordings and I’m back to watching only The View and will probably record The Chew when it starts later in the month. The Talk now sucks because they let the 2 people with personality go!! I love Sara Gilbert & Sharon Osbourne, but NOT as talk show hosts, they were ok as long as Leah and Holly were there, but now, it just sucks as a show….and Julie Chen…she only has the job because of who she is married to. So sad, they almost had me!

  79. Sandra says:

    On another article about them letting Leah & Holly go it was mention that as close as Sara and Leah were that Sara hasn’t made any attempt to contact her.
    I know for sure that I will not watch or record it any longer, it was very rude on how they kept it all under wraps and didn’t even let anyone know this was going to happen they The Talk wouldn’t even of gotten my time of day to view the show that came on Tuesday or Wednesday of this week, I went on line to see if possibly Leah and Holly were on vacation and to my surprise found out about all of this. I actually thought that Sara G. was really close to Leah, guess it was all an act on Sara’s part.

  80. Terri Morgan says:

    This was a bad mistake. I have watched the first new episodes and it its missing their chemistry. Bad decision CBS and not sure if I like it or will continue to watch it. Love Leah and Holly, they were a solid group of the woman and loved their point of views and fun and laughter they brought. Good luck but not a big fan as it is right now.

  81. Steve Warner says:

    Whaaaaat! Holy crap. I was asking my wife where Holly and Leah were from the show last night … and I did a search and found this. Big mistake CBS. I’ll no longer watch.

  82. jennifer says:

    Leah Remini was the reason I watched.. Deleted “The Talk” of my season pass. I will now go back to recording “The View”.

  83. Kasey says:

    I too have cancelled the daily recording of The Talk, I will never watch it again. Leah was the main reason I tuned in every day, she was a breath of fresh air after a hard day at work. I don’t know why Leah and Holly were ‘fired’ but it was a big mistake!!!! The ratings will surely suffer in the long run and it could be the beginning of the end for The Talk.

  84. Lou says:

    What a shock to not have Leah and Holly not on the show. They did not even mention them on the first show. The replacements do not add anything to the show. I find it very boring and Julie Chan is clearly in charge. I will not be watching the show anymore.

  85. Wendy says:

    CBS, BAD call, Holly and Leah was the laughter I needed ! REALLY CBS ):

  86. PegB says:

    I really am disappointed that CBS fired Leah and Holly. They made the show with their funny ways! Sara doesn’t add anything to the show and she should have been the one to go. I love Sharon and wish her well. I watch the first two shows and was not impressed with the replacements. They are not a good fit. Good luck with the Talk I choose to become silent and turn you off. I won’t be watching anymore unless you bring back Leah and Holly!

  87. Pat Scannell says:

    What a shocker! I am very disappointed. CBS has lost a lot of viewers with their change. Stupid move.

  88. Kelly A says:

    I am also done with the show. Haven’t had a chance to watch it till today. Didn’t really know what was going on till I looked it up on the internet. Why wouldn’t they say something?? DVR isn’t recording anymore……… They ditched two of the best people from the show. The viewers will be leaving to.

  89. Jayne Fusaro says:

    I’m really upset to see Leah and Holly go. The show is terrible now! Why don’t Leah and Holly do thier own talk show!!!!!

  90. Linda O says:

    I will no longer be watching The Talk! Leah & Holly were my favorites on the show! They made it real! CBS ruined their morning show and I now watch NBC’s morning show. I won’t watch The View either – can’t stand it! Loved that I had an alternative to The View.

    Oh, well, I guess I can get some housework done or read book or knit or, hey, maybe I’ll watch PBS World during the time slot The Talk is on!

  91. kim says:

    Obviously Julie Chen and Sara couldnt stand that Holly and Leah were better than them. Julie …..not worth mentioning—boring. What happened to them being good friends —– Those left on the talk watch your back and make sure you know who gets all the kudos and limelight. Bye Bye I will watch the View the Talk is dull dull dull dull now that Leah and Holly are not there. It was a good show and with them I could tolerate Julie Chen and her princess like attitude.

  92. DanaD says:

    I dont know if Leah and Holly not returning to the talk was a decision that was made from the network or not but I can you that if it was a very bad and risky decision to make. I also feel bad for Sarah because this show was her creation and because of this, the show will definitely be dimished within a few weeks. The show has been absolutely horrible since starting the second season and I doubt it will be getting any better. I will be deleting “The Talk” from my DVR list and I will not be tuning in to watch when I am home either. I also feel that CBS owes us, the viewers, the fans, the people who make their shows popular and make them money an explanation as to what happened. Wrong move acting as if Leah and Holly just fell off the end of the earth, not saying a word about it and thinking we wouldn’t have a reaction! This WAS a great show for parents but it seems to be turning into something that is not what Sarah Gilbert had in mind. Sarah, get Leah and Holly (& Mrs.O of course)and take your show to another network! Call OPRAH, she’ll do it the right way!

  93. sandy o says:

    well i guess julie chen got her wish, she is the queen. the new season is all about her and her opinions. i caught the 9/11 special and it was all about what julie was doing on that day ten years ago. the other women barely said 3 sentences. all of the segments with the guests were conducted by her and sharon the other 3 women just disappeared to the back room. i decided to give the show one more chance but it was so disapointing and aggravating, it is so obvious that they want to highlight julie because apparently because of her reading the news on the cbs early show years ago she thinks she is the only one that can handle a news worthy subject and it makes her a journalist. what a joke!!! this show is no longer what it was meant to be, friends getting together and sharing their opinions. goodbye the talk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. Estelle Allen says:

    The Talk is now officially off my agenda. I must say I gave it a shot without Leah and Holly and it was absolutely terrible. I don’t know whose bright idea it was to eliminate Leah and Holly, but whoever it was needs a thorough neurological exam.

  95. Ro Bajsert says:

    The 2 people who brought so much joy & sunshine into my life are gone so BYE BYE The Talk. I am 75 & caregiver for my 85 year old hubby who has Alzheimer’s. At 2 o’clock each day, we sat down to watch The Talk. He just loved “Holly & “The Funny One” as he called Leah. Your show was my ray of sunshine & you took that away from me with absolutely NO explanation or even have the courtesy to announce they would not return. Whose idea was it to keep it a deep dark secret & just have Holly & Leah not show up?? Julie’s or her Big shot husband?? Hmmmmm?? We all pretty much know!! I had a difficult time explaining to my husband where Holly & Leah were. Of course that means nothing to those of you who run the show. I AM surprised at Sarah but I guess in order to keep her job, she has to bow down to The Big Wig also as does Sharon.. I wish you well Sara & Sharon but disappointed that you let your viewers down.

    GOODBYE to The Talk!!

  96. Wynne Jane says:

    I agree. Goodbye to The Talk! It was the humor of Leah and Holly that made the show. I’m so disappointed. The Talk made my day after a long day at work. Julie Chen had the power to stop them from leaving the show so I guess that means she didn’t want them there. Bad mistake on your part Julie.

  97. nadine says:

    Not a show whitout Leah and Holly !!!!! off my agenda not watching !!

  98. Sherelle Jackson says:

    What the Heck was CBS thinking? I hate not seeing my girls Holly & Lea. boring show without them!

  99. Carole Pucci says:

    I tried once more to watch The Talk. I turned it off and now watching Rachael Ray. No Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete, no more The Talk.

  100. Kristyn says:

    Im not watching the talk again!! The best part of the show was Leah, you all made a big mistake by letting her go. your ratings will drop without Leah and Holly..BYE

  101. pat says:

    Who in the world decided to get rid of Holly and Leah? Must have been a man! Not going to watch again sorry to say because I like the other three, but not the same without Holly & Leah!!!!

  102. Carol Bellingham says:

    So disappointed….Leah & Holly were so funny….I was waiting for their comeback…I thought they were on vacation….found the show so boring since the beginning of September and today I went on google to find out why Leah & Holly were not on the show and found out they were fired….too bad, I use to laugh a lot but not anymore….hope Leah & Holly will start their own show.

  103. Lisa says:

    What the heck is wrong with CBS? You guys really screwed up. You had a great show with the perfect cast and now you threw it away!! Leah and Holly were an essential part of that show. To top it off, you don’t even give a reason to dismiss them?! I’m disappointed at the other co-hosts who did not stand up for their co-hosts especially with Julie who is married to the owner of CBS! Really Julie?!! How dare you allow this to happen. This show has become a lot more boring since Leah and Holly have not been around. It’s offical, you have lost another fan!

  104. Andrea says:

    Wow I just realized Holly and Leah are gone for good and so am I! Big mistake CBS – and the new comedian is terrible! Would love to hear why CBS let my two favorite ladies go!

  105. Woodie says:

    While CBS is not saying why these two were let go, my guess is that they are planning a change in direction for the show. Oddly enough, Sara Gilbert is Exec Producer of the show. I believe that makes her at least one if not the only person deciding the fait of Robinson-Pete and Remini. What confuses me is the addition of Molly Shannon, an unknown black comedienne, and guest host, Kris Kardashian Jenner. How do these new ladies change the air at The Talk?

  106. Eva Staton says:

    What is going on with “The Talk”? Why would you take a perfectly good show that was doing good, to my knowledge, and make it boring? It is completely different without Leah & Holly. It use to be entertaining & interesting but is now dull & boring!! I really enjoyed all of the chemistry together of the 5 hosts but needless to say it is “”NOT” the same. No offense to the new co-hosts but it will never be the same & I will probably not be watching because it is no longer interesting or entertaining. I have never had anything against Julie Chen, Big Brother is my favorite reality show, but what is going on?? Leah & Holly brought so much excitement & entertainment to the show why would CBS fire them? I will never understand!!!!!!!

  107. Pam Boykin says:

    I just deleted The Talk from my DVR lineup. I really LOVED the show but Leah was the main reason that I enjoyed it… she made it fun and light. I am sorry CBS… but you lost another viewer! byebye

  108. Deb Kennedy says:

    The Talk is now removed from my DVR!! To remove those two key LADIES was a huge mistake…..

  109. sue says:

    What a gross disrespect shown to Holly and Leah, my absolute favorites. Not to even mention that they weren’t coming back was a thumb nose even to the faithful viewers! I WAS one of them! The Talk doesn’t deserve our viewership. Each day I waited for Julie Chen to offer some explanation, not to just ignore the issue. Terrible!!!!

  110. Cyndi says:

    I have love The Talk from day one, I loved DVR’ it day adn watching it at night as I went to bed
    I loved all of them.. NOT THE SAME WITHOUTS LEAH AND HOLLY.
    Thanks Sara & Julie and CBS.. Such a loss. Unbelievable…. i pray for Leah & Holly to have their own show….I cn see The Talk is now like THE VIEW,, i havent watched it in years..

  111. cheryl says:

    I just looked it up on the internet after watching it the last couple of times and HATEING it. I am done with watching it!!!! Huge mistake on CBS and Julie Chen!!!!!

  112. B Owens says:

    Big disappointment in the talk! to not even say anything about Leah and Holly not returning was ignorant CBS stinks!! Leah and Holly made that show a success I will not be watching any more.

  113. mary says:

    Wow what a mistake, Leah and Holly made that show, I will not be watching the talk anymore

  114. dlcditto says:

    Oh my, I agree 100 PERCENT!!!!!!!!!! Holly and Leah are the greatest. and am sure they help bring in some of the top notch guest… without Hollyand Leah….the show will suffer, now viewers will hunt out where ever Holly and Leah land.
    They might not, but a lot of us who love ya and loved the Talk and its fresh twist… have your back!!!

  115. linda matthews says:

    my two favorite people on the show was leah & holly. if you fired them from the show that was a big mistake. i wont be watching the show anymore. please respond to me, i want to know why you would let them get away.

  116. Hazel says:

    What just happened. Finally there was a decent talk show to watch. Leah and Holly made the show along with 2 others. So sad to see a good show go down the drain. Maybe Leah and Holly will get thier own show.

  117. Sandy says:


  118. Bdelite says:

    Are you serious… I am so shock and upset with The Talk for letting Leah and Holly go. I enjoyed the diversity of the show. Now it seems a little bland and I doubt if I will continue watching the show. Good luck with your decision because I think you just jeopardize the show!!!

  119. Bdelite says:

    I am so upset with The Talk decision to let Leah and Holly go. I enjoyed the diversity of the show and now it seems a little bland. Leah and Holly brought life to the show. Good luck with your decision because I think you just jeopardize the show!!! You just lost another viewer!

  120. RMatt says:

    Wow. Leah and Holly were the only ones I liked. I watched it every day because of them. Definitely will not be watching it anymore. Even if they did get a replacement I like (which they haven’t ) they’ve already screwed up with their process. Who’s to say they wouldn’t do the same thing with someone else good, anyway? I’m done with the show.

  121. k Hopkins says:

    I am so disappointed that Leah and Holley were removed from the show. I watched the first season episode, and wondered through the whole show where Leah and Holley were. The second day It did not even hold my attention. So I turned the channel. Last season I watched every episode. In fact I couldn’t waite for the show to come on everyday. Now I have no interst in it. Its just not the same. Don’t get me wrong I love all of the original gals that are still there. But taking Leah and Holly out of the show was a BIG MISTAKE!. Its like making peanut butter cookies, and leaving out the peanut butter. To Leah well at least I can still enjoy u on King of Queens. I tape every episode and watch it everyday. As for u Holly I so enjoyed u and hopefully we can see u on some other show. Because I think u both are the TITS and CBFS just shot there selves in the foot. Because Im done watching it. Its just not the same.€

  122. matt says:

    you let the two best hosts go because they had a falling out with julie chen (whose married to the boss). Without Leah and Holly on this show–you can expect cbs to cancel the talk by the end of this season. Good job cbs for sticking with Julie chen!!! bye bye the talk!!!

  123. Darlene says:

    I have been an avid viewer of the talk since day one but not anymore! After a long day at work I loved coming home to watch Leah and Holly knowing that they would remove any stress of the day and make me laugh. I have tried the last few days to find enjoyment in the new cast but I can’t. I’m looking for another talk show now to record. Whoever fired Leah and Holly should be fired for making such a stupid decision!

  124. V says:

    I am so disappointed that holly is no longer on your show .she was the role model for on young and middle class black women in the world today. Because you have another african american lady on there does not mean your show will succeed.The talk is very boring and not interesting now. .just because you new african american co host she will never take the place of Holly.She is not a role model for middle class black women.I have made the decision to never watch your show again until you put Holly back on.

  125. Carla B says:

    I agree with all of you about what a HUGE mistake CBS made on the Talk, and the NOT even address it??? What?! Here is CBS number you can call to voice your disapproval: 818-655-8500. They should know what their viewers think since we are the ones who matter!

  126. Becky says:

    I am not watching it anymore. Leah made the show!
    Still don’t understand what happened but I do know how to change the channel!

  127. NoMoreTalk4Me says:

    Replaced by Gum Girl Twins

  128. Ruth Kiebzak says:

    I’m VERY disappointed with the changes in The Talk. It is not the same at all.

  129. lizzie wags says:

    Have been confused until right now. There isn’t a show without Lead and Holly.
    They helped to make the unfunny Melissa and Julie seem not so out of place. It had just become a staple show for me but not anymore. Today was my last day. It was painful to watch yesterday and today. Way to go CBS…..what next no Letterman on Letterman???? Stupid!!

  130. Brunbunny says:

    They should change “The Talk” to the Julie Chen Show. If they wanted a “View” like talk show then create one, don’t revamp a winner of show. I wonder if Sara’s 10 yr. relationship ended because she didn’t have enough “balls” to stand up for her creation. Sara you look like you are being held hostage now. The look on your face each day says a 1000 words. So sorry your idea turned into a look at me Julie Chen show. Best wishes to you and Sharon.

  131. Dena says:

    Miss you both Leah and Holly…I only watch now when Mrs. O is on. Enjoyed You both so much, helped me realize we all have more in common than we think. You guys always brightened my day!

  132. Bev Quinn says:

    Along with many other people, I am shocked about Leah & Holly being fired from “The Talk”. Marry the Boss of CBS and all of a sudden people get fired. The same thing happened with the Early Show. Seems strange Julie’s show “Big Brother” is on 3 nights which I refuse to watch. Guess I switch networks.

  133. Courtney says:

    CBS should have handled this better…. BIG MISTAKE!! Smh…

  134. SA says:

    I can not believe that let Leah & Holly go!. Leah actually was the show! and Holly such an inspiration to the show. I am really going to miss watching this show. I only watch it because of Leach & Holly.

  135. Robin J says:

    Very disappointed with CBS and The Talk letting Leah and Holly go, the chemistry just worked. Was Julie jealous of the others attention? Now Mrs O missing-on a 2 week leave? You had a good show that people liked, now you messed it upTHE REPLACEMENTS DO NOT WORK I DO NOT LIKE THEM, sometimes replacements can just slip right in thes 2 do not work! Kris Jenner would work as a permanent replacement but if there is no Holy and no Leah, no 3rd season. Sarah may have come up with the idea but she adds very little to the show, Julie was starting to come out of her streight laced up bringing and become funny and approachable I am going to take it off my DVR before I looked forward to funny/serious talk show where everyone enjoyed themselves NOT NOW! GOOD-BYE.

  136. Carolyn says:

    My days of watching the Talk are over. Leah & Holly were the best part of the show. CBS made a huge mistake getting rid of them. I see cancellation in the future. The show is going to be boring.

  137. Lucy says:

    So disappointed with the new changes in The Talk”. Without Leah and Holly the show is boring and painful to watch. You took a “good thing” and ruined it. Leah brought out the best in Melissa and Julie is so stiff but the others made her look good. The chemistry is gone and now why bother to watch. It is “just another show”….never missed an episode before but now just don’t care. CBS, I see cancellation in the future for this show. Admit your mistake and BRING THEM BACK PLEASE!

  138. Lori Connell says:

    I am so sad about this decision…I LOVE The Talk. I have told everyone about it and never miss an episode. The reason I loved it so much was the fantastic chemistry between the 5 co-hosts. As a former “View” watcher I like the fact that 5 women can talk, debate, disagree and not get all angry like the cast of the View. Now you have removed Leah and Holly with no explanation and while I still will watch and give it a chance, I am very disappointed. Leah was fantastic and I felt that she was the glue that held the group together.

    dumb choice to not hire Holly and Leah back.. just plain dumb

  139. Linda says:

    Once again…CBS messed up. First with the Early Show and now….with The Talk. I started watching a few shows in the past and got to really enjoy watching and listening to the whole cast..Julie, Sharon, Sarah, Leah and Holly. Was looking forward to watch the new season and I was like: “Where the heck is Leah and Holly!” And soon found out that they were axed…seriously? What is wrong with CBS! Once again….ruined a good thing! Ugh…..the heck with The Talk….no longer a fan.

  140. Becca says:

    I cant believe cbs did this are they that stupid!! Leah and holly were the reason I loved the show aside from the topics and guests. The new girls do nothing for the show and that one in leahs spot is rude and annoying. BIG BIG HUGE MISTAKE!!!!


  142. barbara K says:

    Get rid of Julie and Sarah….they both have NO PERSONALITY!!!! Better yet, take the show off completely. It really sucks now!!!!!!

  143. VALERIE LOOK says:

    I really liked ALL of the ladies on The Talk, BUT my 2 favorites are now gone, so I am too!Yep CBS f….ed up again. I am starting to watch less and less shows on CBS. Hello King 5 and all the other channels. Can’t believe this mess up! By the way I hate survivor also (used to be a fan) same old contestants, how dumb. Who’s next?

  144. Dolly says:

    I am very upset that Leah & Holly are no longer on the show. Julie , Holly , Sharon , Sara , & Leah really made the show. They had such good chemistry together . Really not feeling the show much anymore. I do wish both Leah & Holly the best in whatever they choose to do. Will sadly miss you two on the show.

  145. Melissa Neal says:

    I also “LOVED” the TALK, The reason? Because of the chemistry between ALL of the ladies!! I DVR it daily and could not wait to get home to watch it. Now not so much, Really NOT AT ALL! I love Sharon, Julie & Sara but without Leah & Holly it is and will NEVER be the same. Good Bye Talk!!! When CBS wakes up & sees the MISTAKE they made I will be back, If not I will be gone forever!!! PLEASE wake up CBS!!! I miss my Talk!!!

  146. Rachel says:

    Producers: are you listenting to these comments??? I try to watch the show now but all I see are huge gums…… big mouths open with gums, gums, gums showing…. not very appealing to watch…. The SNL gal is a big mouth and talks, talks, talks….. such a mistake to lose Leah and Holly.. can you possibly bring them back or is that too humbling to admit you made a mistake?? I can’t look at those gums anymore…. on both of the new ladies.

  147. Cindy says:

    This totally smells of jealousy, I watched this show daily but no more! CBS needs an overhaul begining with Julie.

  148. Paula says:

    Tuning in today, I realized that Leah and Holly were not on the show and then it struck me that I hadn’t seen them in awhile and I’d been thinking they were on a break, so I looked it up on the internet and saw they’d been fired. OMG, I’m shocked and terribly disappointed because I had told many friends how awesome the show was and most was due in part to the comedy Leah and Holly and Sharon brought to it.
    Sadly, I have decided to not watch the show anymore to stand in my beliefs that a huge injustice was made, not to mention I think a mistake for the show!

  149. Deanna says:

    I can’t believe you cbs, leah and holy were the best on the show. BIG, BiG mistake. I no longer watch the show….. I. Feel like my befriends are gone. Wish you both the best.

  150. barbara turner says:

    I am extremely disappointed with cbs’s decision to let Leah and Holly go, even my husband enjoyed the show because of them. I am one person who used to watch the View alot but got discussed with their choice of woman who constantly talk over each other and so stopped watching it. I loved the Talk because of all the women especially Leah and Holly. Sorry to say that I can’t relate to these new woman and will not be watching any longer, this is not just my opinion as I have many friends who used to watch but no longer will. CBS, when somethings NOT broke, don’t change it!!!!!!!!!!1

  151. kgm says:

    very disappointed that Leah and holly are no longer with show – I watched bits and piecves this week but will not continue – doesn’t have same chemistry at all – don’t expect a season 3 for sure

  152. Lilly G says:


  153. Dee Dee says:

    What is wrong with CBS? First Charlie Sheen and now the Talk. Not to mention anything about Leah and Holly not sitting at the table, REALLY???? Why don’t you “TALK” about how you dumped your coworkers and then acted like they never existed. UNBELIEVABLE”!!!!!The show is going to be off the air very soon. Hopefully Julie’s other show will be off soon, can’t stand her as a host.

  154. Kathleen Rothweil says:

    My husband and I would wait to see The Talk because of Leah, Holly and Sharon, you just would never know what was going to happen, it would be so funny, I would always tell someone of the show. Well, I thougth they were on vac. this last week until I google to see what was happening and found out they were FIRED?

    I don’t think the show has been the same without them. CBS you need to rethink this action you took. Of course I bet they will not come back even if you ask them.

  155. callensberg says:

    The show is now so boring. I have tried to watch it but I can’t stomach it since it was so good before they left. I get the feeling that even Sharon Osbourne won’t be returning, likely by her choice. That Kardashian women is dreadful. I think this is a result of personality conflicts between Chen and the two who left. Allowing Chen to throw her weight around is a bad business decision.

  156. Rosalie Randazza says:

    I am really disapointed on not having Leah, & Holly on The Talk
    they were great on the show
    don’t understand why you would let them go
    do not like any of the new ones you put on, will not watch it now
    if they stay on as regulars.
    they do not have what Leah & Holly had

  157. peevy2 says:

    ok.. so i’m out of the loop and did not know that they were not coming back this season….. i googled where are leah remini and holly robinson peete from the talk… and found this site…. i am so disappointed….. especially leah was a favorite… she was one of the main reasons i watched the show.. i am not really impressed with the new cast so i will be saying bye bye to the talk!! wish we would have had the talk before they got the boot 🙁

  158. Rebecca says:

    I can not believe they fired Holly and Leah the two new ladies are no where close to them. I have tried watching the show this week but I just dont like it anymore I will find a new show!!!!

  159. Verna Daugherty says:

    I haven’t heard one positive comment about the change in The Talk. That’s because there are none. What is the problem with CBS??? I’ve watched this show from the beginning, and couldn’t figure out why Leah and Holly were not on there, until now. I enjoyed all of the women on The Talk, but can’t understand why you would take the two strongest hosts off the show! They can be serious and humerous. It’s amazing that CBS can’t go with the old adage…”If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” This is not a fix. It’s an abomination! I will miss you girls, and won’t be watching anymore.

  160. Patti says:

    I tried to watch the show but now it’s just plain boring. I will not be watching the Talk in the future.

  161. Sue says:

    This is a big mistake! You made my decision to watch another chanel much easier.

  162. Everybody wants to know who is going to talk and I loved the ladies that were there. They made the show Julie and Sara cannot take the place of the regulars. I will WATCH The Judges . My hubby and I are very dissappointed. in CBS It was our station all the way but not now. We have to take a break there and watch the Judge then turn back and watch Let’s make a deal We are retired this means so much to us as we are elderly and are set in our way. Thank you for listening.

  163. Shirley Young says:

    THE TALK was my new favorite show … Without these two it is now totally boring and I refuse to watch it – at 2pm the channel is SWITCHED from CBS to any other channel! Same goes for my friend Judy … she completely turns off the t.v.!!

  164. Helen Gillespie says:

    I agree with all the comments about firing Holly and Leah. The show was so much fun to watch. That’s the end of The Talk for me.

  165. peggy says:

    I also just figuered out wht leah and holly arent on the show anymoe what the heck love them all together will not be watching anymore i am so dissapointed

  166. Kristen says:

    I am so saddened by the lack of presence from Leah and Holly, shame on you CBS, lets just make it the Julie Chen channel, as if she does not have enough face time on the network… you have flushed your best new show down the toilet and I as well as several family and friends will no longer watch… Bad Move!!

  167. Priscilla Speeks says:

    Amen! I agree with everybody. The TALK I won’t watch it anymore. Holly and Leah made the show!!!!!!! They should have got (rid) of Sara (non-talented and boring-self) Gilbert!!!! Bring Leah and Holly back.

  168. ginna says:

    when this show started I remember thinking to myself “what genius came up with this combination of ladies”? they all work so well together. Now I’m thinking what idiot just ruined a hit show!! one I wont be watching anymore…..HEY CBS!!!IF IT AINT BROKE DONT FIX IT

  169. Ann tonia says:

    Everyday my husband and I use to watch the show….. because of Leah and Holly they were the real stars of the show!!! But now No longer watching… Julie Chen you are so dumb and stupid!!! You show is so booooring now!! So mad that I’m Not longer watching big brother next season!!! You were Just jealous of Leah and holly… That’s y…

  170. JoAnn says:

    I think it is terrible that Leah and Holly are no longer on The talk, I think they have taken the best part of the talk off, how about NBC or ABC giving Holly and Leah their on show????

  171. Karen says:

    Hello? no explanation? Very Unprofessional!!!!

  172. Wendy Winston says:

    I go along with every one else, yes I think Holly & Lea made the whole show. In
    fact it’s real boring now, Lea was a blast & so funny . You should bring them back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The black lady is very boring ! Will never be a Lea or Holly !

  173. I Tomecek says:

    It amazes me that CBS would let Leah and Holly go!!!
    I am a, college educated, stay at home mom taking care of my son; I used to tuned into The TALK for a good laugh. I even had my teenage daughters tune into the TALK, over the summer, because I knew this would help them: unwind and laugh so hard that they would forget all their troubles for awhile. I knew I could count on Leah and Holly for that anticipated good-time I needed from the day….and I knew my daughters would too. Those two women always made me feel like I was part of their ‘circle of women’ and that it was okay to laugh and not take life so serious. It was like happy hour at a local popular restaurant.
    What equally amazes me is that CBS would keep: the lesbian woman who has absolutely nothing interesting to say; and the English woman who is… not only hard to understand, but recently investigated on tax evasion charges – WOW!
    I miss Leah and Holly; ='(
    CBS management…you made a bad decision….and you will see that you did…when you see the repercussions …I guarantee you will see more and more people will tune out your show because it is so darn boring now….it’s not a ‘happy good time’ it’s not ‘happy hour’ anymore…it’s like everything else you see on television…these days…. depressing and boring.

  174. Deana says:

    The one reason I even gave The Talk a chance was because of Leah. I do like Holly also. The two of them to me were the most relatable. They were the everyday person and brought that out in the show. Love Sharon. As for Sara, just don’t get point of her on there. She seems to be the downer and no personality. Holly and Leah is what made the show different from the View. Which was the plan for it. Now, I’ll just watch the View instead.

  175. candigirl says:

    I was wondering what happened to Holly, Leah, and Mrs. O and finally looked on the computer and found out they had be fired. I always thought the Julie Chen looked like a crazy bitch with her squintting eyes. Julie and Sara should have been the ones to get fired. The lady with the teeth and moving her hand all the time need to be working somewhere else while doing her sign language. I show is totally whacked now without Holly, leah, and Mrs. O. I’m not going to watch it anymore. My sisters, aunties, mom, and dad is not going to watch it either. Will take it off my DVR today.

  176. Jennifer says:

    Wow, I am so saden by this. Holly and Leah made The Talk what it is to watch a talk show that deals with down to earth normal people situations you could relate to. If I had a not so good morning and watched The Talk it made me feel better and have something to look forward to because I knew Holly, Leah and I can’t leave Sharon out, they would have you LOL. CBS you have made a mistake and The Talk is not The Talk any more it’s ruined. And to top it all off I was saving money to come be on the show one day that goal has just went down the drain thanks alot 🙁

  177. Jennifer says:

    So true, they have made a bad mistake.

  178. Jennifer says:

    I’m thinking and doing the same. What’s wrong with you JULIE!!!!!!

  179. Jennifer says:

    Julie Chan Julie Chan, what have you done, you and your hubby are really really dumb (JS)

  180. Cheryl Moore says:

    I think Holly and Leah should replace Elizabetha nd Sherry on the View. That would be a very intersting/funny table. I too think CBS screwed this one up, and I hope Julie and Sarah pay dearly for it. Cancel the Talk. Who care anymore. I find Sheryl U very low rent (Holly was a class act), and Molly annoying with her hands – and neither have anything interesting to add. Sad and boring now. – Sarah and Julie – so what who cares????

  181. Kathleen Hampton says:

    What have you done? I will not watch “The Talk” anymore without Leah and Holly! Who in their right mind would let go of the ones that really made the show…..Julie Chen…You need to get your act together and hire them back…. everyone knows it was your call….can you not see that people are upset by letting them go? Be a Special Person and get them back!

  182. Sara May says:

    CBS has a big problem…….They get something good going, and they fine a way to mess it up!! I loved to watch “THE TALK”… With Leah and Holly gone…. you have NO show. I and many of my friends will no longer watch your show… You may as well get ready.. THE TALK.. will be history!!!

  183. andrea green says:

    what the heck, where they thinking? I though it was temporary. this is so sad . HOLY and LEAH made the show , ok i think that this is a big mistake.

  184. sandy collins says:


  185. grace cerrato says:

    As an avid fan of “The Talk” from the beginning, I am very disappointed in reading that Holly and Leah have been fired. As others have said, they were the best parts of the show. I am totally discusted and not watching it again. It really is not any good now. I just cannot believe it. It is not going to make it. I love Sara, but she cannot carry the entire show. Yuch, Julie Chen.

    Sooo very disappointed.

  186. sandy collins says:


  187. sandy collins says:


  188. GRace says:


  189. sandy collins says:


  190. sandy collins says:


  191. sandy collins says:


  192. Lane says:

    I am one of the numbers that worked fast through the day so i could take a break and watch THE TALK. No more!! Holly and Leah made the show and without them there is NO TALK worth watching for the other girls to hold enough interest for me and mine. These gals was the high point of the daytime tv for me and my son. We all liked the combo of Sara/Leah/Holly exchange and looked forward for the daily show. If Leah and Holly and gone for good, so am i. I gave up the last of my soap operas for this show . It will be/is a big loss for me as I have watched THE TALK all this month thinking the gals may be on vacation, doing a play, etc. Now that I know they’re gone SO AM I. Let us know when they’re back and we’ll be back also.

  193. Pat Misina- Philadelphia Pa says:

    I am so furious that that COW JULIE CHEN HAD THE NERVE TO FIRE HOLLY AND LEAH- Holly and Leah made the show and without them there is NO TALK worth watching for the other girls to hold enough interest for me and mine. These gals was the high point of the daytime tv for me Il liked the combo of Sara/Leah/Holly exchange and looked forward for the daily show. If Leah and Holly and gone for good, so am i. I gave up the last of my soap operas for this show . It will be/is a big loss for me as I have watched THE TALK all this month thinking the gals may be on vacation, doing a play, etc. Now that I know they’re gone SO AM I. How about getting rid of Julie Chen and her husband. How about giving us women a break and put Leah and Holly on and fire that cow Julie Chen and her husband!

  194. Jennifer says:


  195. sandra cahoon says:

    I have been missing Leah and Holly on The Talk. I thought they were just taking a vacation. When I just now realized that they were FIRED my mouth just dropped. Why on Earth would they fire the two most enjoyable hosts, besides Sharon. Please bring them back. This decision and move has just ruined the show. Really. Replace great Soap Operas with Talk Shows and then mess the Talk up ! Wow ! What nuts run this CBS…

  196. Cindy says:

    Will definitely go back to watching The View. The Talk in no good without Leah & Holly.

  197. Madukes says:

    Well, I guess everyone else who is so upset at least about Leah remini being fired are just obnoxious as she is!!! I guess holly was just to quiet and should have been a little more vocal. Good choice!

  198. Nicole says:

    she wasnt obnoxious she said it like she saw it! Will not be watching anymore. Bad choice! Maybe you should have let Julie Chen go.

  199. Amy says:

    I tried to give it a chance but it is so boring now. I had actually just started to watch and thought it was so much better than The View…but now I can’t get through an episode. Leah and Holly gave it a little edge. I think The Talk made a huge mistake.

  200. Pat Brock says:

    Tried watching the revamped show, but Leah & Holly were my favorites. Now the show seems so fake that I can’t stand it. Who needs it? Nobody!

  201. judi field says:

    I am so sad that Holly and Leah are gone, CBS made a big, big mistake letting them go. It’s just not the same without them. whoever that is sitting in Leah’s seat just don;t cut it. she’s terrible. so please, please get those 2 back on the Talk. until then i am gone

  202. Cher C. says:

    I totally agree and we all know who we have to thank for this mess JULIE CHEN. I never had a problem with her before this cancellation and even enjoyed her before and throughout her pregnancy appearing on “Big Brother”. Since then I’ve been closely following press and comments regarding the firing of Leah and Holly and watching the so called new and improved “Talk”, and have seen the reality that this show will probably not be renewed if not cancelled mid-season if Julie doesn’t come down off of her soap box and acknowledge that there are other people at that table that are sometimes funnier,more informed and more personable than her. Next she needs to go to her husband admit that she made a HUGE mistake,publicly aplogize to her former co-host and ask them to please return.

  203. Baseball Mom says:

    Those two ladies along with Mrs. O made that show. CBS did make a big mistake by letting them go! Best of Luck to Holly and Leah you ladies made the Talk what it was!

  204. Jamie Prince says:

    Yeah, i agree, if any of them were boring it was Julie. Holly and Leah made the show cause they made me laugh about the real things that happen if everyday life. The new lady that sits in Leah’s seat just rambles on about nothing. Af least Leah was sincere and funny. Will no longer be watching!

  205. Jamie Prince says:

    Yes that would have been very nice to have at least warned the viewers and then we would have told you our opinion and maybe you would not have done something so stupid. No longer watching. Boring!

  206. Holly S. Martino says:

    Big Disappointment;!! I just realized today that Leah and Holly were fired! I have no interest in watching anymore. They made the show fun and enjoyable. Now it is just a shell of its former show. Not good!!!

  207. Ivy says:

    It was a shock at first, but now I realize what a drain it was to have Leah shouting all the time, Holly turning almost every topic into a ‘black’ thing, and the non-stop shots of their mothers in the audience. I like Molly Shannon, but not her flailing hands, and I think that Cheryl should be replaced with Aisha Taylor, who is ten times funnier, very smart, and has great audience appeal.

  208. susan m says:

    What a let down. Finally found a decent talk show,then bam !!! Sounds like a mans decision to me .wrong as usual.!!!!!!! I like JUlie and Mrs. O but give me a break on the others .Why change a winner?

  209. Sally White says:

    As far as I am concerned The Talk …just made a big mistake and I know a lot of
    people will not be watching this show anymore and I am one of them as of today.

  210. Mary fulcher says:

    I cant believe that Holly and Leah, was fired..they made that show I will not watch the talk anymore and all my friends are joining me. Thanks to Julie Chen.

  211. shirley says:

    I Agree …. Well said !!!

  212. Gerry Horne says:

    I think it was a mistake on your part. I wont be watching this show anymore. Where is sharon? i don’t like this show anymore!

  213. Marjorie VanDenBush says:

    Deleted “The Talk” from my DVR Watched a few times after Leah & Holly “let go” Chemistry gone. Really loved the show before. What a shame.

  214. Carol says:

    I agree with you. I won’t being watching this or The Chew.

  215. mr. nick says:

    Well our fired girls need to create there own show named the “Leah & Holly Show” on another network. SOMETIMES BEING FIRED IS A BLESSING…

  216. CJ's Mom says:

    Julie won’t be going anywhere, she definitely has job security – she’s married to the President of CBS. I feel that the firing of Leah and Holly was a mistake. I’ve only watched twice since their departure and I will not be watching again. The hosts had good chemistry but unfortunately now that’s gone. It’s really a shame.

  217. CJ's Mom says:

    Sandra – I had to laugh when you asked “what nuts run CBS?” Actually Julie Chen’s husband is the President of CBS.

  218. tanisha smith says:

    this is not right leah and holly made the show thats why i watched the show. That is why I watch the
    talk. Your show will now be boring you made a big mistaske in letting them go. You should put them
    back on the show. People will stop watching the show since they are not on there.

  219. tanisha smith says:

    Mabey they should make their own show because people will want to watch there show than the talk. It
    will be more funny with them.They are great people who should have not been fired off of the talk. Mabe the person who fired them should think about what they did because it was not fair to do that two great people.

  220. Dida says:

    I just found out that Leah and Holly are not returning! I thought they were both on vacation or doing other work. I agree with everyone on here! Leah and Holly totally made the show which was so much better than The View! Now I will no longer watch. The few weeks I have been watching, it’s been so boring and Shannon and Sheryl are just as boring as Julie and Sarah. I don’t know who’s executive decision it was, but it was a BIG MISTAKE, HUGE!!!!!

  221. Jessica says:

    In my opinion Leah & Holly made the show. They gave it that extra kick day time TV needs since we lost Oprah. To tell the truth I never like talk shows or then oprah until I watched the TALK. Hate to say it but with those two gone it just really not the same so I choose not to watch.

  222. Susan R says:

    I am SO disappointed in ‘The Talk’! They have positively ruined the show by not bringing back Leah and Holly. The two new replacements are definitely not working. I especially dislike Molly. Then take Mrs. O. out, too, and it is painful to try to watch the show. I have tried to give it a fair shot, but it just isn’t working. Yes, CBS has ruined another show! Somebody needs to wake up! I, too, have given up trying to watch this debacle. What a waste.

  223. Loretta says:

    I agree with Jessica. Leah and Holly made the show. The girls all had different personalities and they all blended well. There’s a conflict of interest with Julie being the “head” host and her husband holding a high position with CBS. Can this be why they let Holly and Leah go: Something to look into. Hope Holly and Leah get their own show as I no longer watch “The Talk”.

  224. sandra racine says:

    Wow!!!! I don’t beleive this ….who lets something like this happen…was the show a hit?…YES!!!!…Greed will get the best of them..this show will fail now and be cancelled… How sad …the old saying goes “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” …Noooo i won’t be watching The View…now thers’s a show that needs to do some major weeding…….The best of luck to Leah and Holly …..:)

  225. colette says:

    Yes I agree start Leah, Holly and Mrs O show that would be great. I miss all the laughs!!

  226. Gail says:

    I’m with Sandra……

    I have always disliked talk show, like The View, for instance, but was totally intrigued by The Talk. I thouhgt it had the best cast I’d ever seen. Now it just isn’t the same and when Sharon isn’t on, it’s just blah. Not watching it anymore either. Big disappointment, as I was really looking forward to their new season.

  227. Christy in Fort Worth says:

    Christy in Fort Worth

    Deleted from my DVR! Was truly one of my favorite Talk shows last season, now it’s a bore!

  228. Judy says:

    I agree with so many viewers. Leah and Holli made the show. I can not believe this has happened and they should get their own show!!!!! They would have so many viewers. GOOD LUCK!!!!!

  229. Susan says:

    I have been wondering what has happened to Leah and Holly. Happened to just tune in and once again, WONDERED, sooooooo, I researched and found out that they were fired.
    Suffice it to say, I will not be watching The Talk anymore. I happened to love them both and thought they brought such fun to the show. I would literally laugh out loud. I don’t know if Julie influenced her husband being that he has a high powered position with CBS. Possibly Holly and Leah took the spotlight off of her.
    I agree, Leah and Holly should join forces, get their own show and BOOT THE TALK OFF THE AIR.

  230. Barbara Garcia says:

    I stopped watching the Talk all together now. Why on earth would they want to change such a hit!!?? Leah and Holly definetly brought such fun and light heartedness to the show. What a shame. I really miss watching the show. But I won’t give in to be what looks like some jealousy on Julie’s part.


  231. Barbara Garcia says:

    Who cares???? Get a Damn life… wow.

  232. Barbara Garcia says:

    The lady that’s in Leahs chair…. really??? U thought she would bring more to the show then Leah?? Wow… Julie rely wanted to get the limelight didn’t she?? Next to that lady she will definetly have it!! WOW!!

  233. Barbara Garcia says:

    I didn’t say who care to Leah and holly leaving the show. It was ment for some jerkoff up above who is picking on someone’s grammar. What a dueche.

  234. Helen Giordano says:

    Oh, YES! It was only jealousy on Julie’s part..I will never watch this show again. Julie Chen is so much a “MEAN BULLY”. We are sickened by you, gitrl. I used to look up to you, until I learned that you were the cause of my beloved Leah, and Holly, being let go all for your ego. How do you look into the mirror each and every morning? Just wondering….

  235. It would take nothing to go and make a TV show, aired at the consecutive time, on another station. You can bet, we viewer’s would watch and ENJOY your show. Come on, it would not only bring us satisfaction,but it would bring Julie Chen to her knees.
    I will wait to see the Leah and Robinson show..or the Robinson and Leah Show. Please don’t disappoint us.

  236. Glo says:

    I’m sorry to hear about the goings on with The Talk Show. I thought it was the best show on air in a long time. The women all seemed to compliment each other and balance out all topics. I heard that Julie Chen had made a comment about her husband being able to fire them and I hope that is not true. As far as I am concerned, Sharon is the best but; I still can not force myself to watch the show anymore. I have brought other viewers to the show but; they have also left the viewing audience.

  237. Laurie Shewmake says:

    I too am very disappointed, I was just speculating about where they were and read all this all of which I agree with. I loved them both especially Leah, she is hilarious and made up a lot of that show. They were doing so well , how did CBS think they could improve it by these very stupid actions. I hope it’s not true that it is in part Julie’s fault but I do know her husband is somewhat of a CBS big deal. I didn’t hear her make the comment of having them fired…shame on her if that is true. You know what they say…”What goes around comes around”

  238. voiceinthecrowd says:

    Ditto, ditto, ditto

  239. voiceinthecrowd says:

    I too am so disappointed. I waited all this time for the girls to come back, thinking that these hosts were just temporary. I just kept checking in the begining of the show to see if Leah and Holly were back, but didn’t have interest in the show since they weren’t there. Now that I know they aren’t coming back I don’t even check the begining of the show. Done for me.

  240. Diana Mosquera says:

    Wow … I too came to this page looking for Leah and Holly. I am VERY disappointed that they will not be returning … I had The Talk on … and have CHANGED the channel. It was boring anyway. As another commenter stated … Leah and Holly gave balance to the show .. all seemed to work well together … I love all their personalities … they were an interesting group. Guess … I’ll watch Cheaters now … LOL.

  241. Debbie K says:

    I loved watching the “talk” with Holly and Leah on it. Their laughter and humor brought so much to the show. I turned it on and saw they weren’t on so I shut it off. Won’t watch it again. Love Sharon on it, but the other 2 along with her and Sarah made the show.

  242. Lynn Stewart says:

    I have watched The Talk several times but it is not the same with Leah and Holly gone. I can’t imagine why the network would fire 2 of the three most interesting host. Sharon is a lot of fun but I don’t see her saving the show by herself. CBS should have fired Julie Chen and the gay girl(can’t remember her name). Julie tries to appear to be an interesting character but she does not have it naturallyl. It is amazing that CBS would think Sharon Underwood could possibly replace Leah or Holly. And Molly hands, what are you thinking? I won’t watch The Talk anymore.

  243. marie says:

    I have a few hours each day just for me. I was so tired of the VIEW with all the bickering and cross talk instead or relaxing that show made my head spin. Many times I tuned in only for the hot topics and many times switching to something else durning the first 15mins. Then the news of ALL MY CHILDREN was a drag. I do not care for THE CHEW, something about MANY cooks in the kitchen, spoils the “show” thats what happening for me. ( I do like Carla). Now I wasnt sure about THE TALK I was use to my ABC “thang” but I thought I’d give CBS a try. Leah was the one who did for me, she kept me tuning in. And I’ve been a fan of Holly’s from Jump. I did enjoy the other ladies and the chemistry was working, they might have needed a chance to evolve becoming a more seasoned group of hosts is all. Well that’s normal in my opinion,and I can see by reading the posts made by many other viewers I am not alone. CBS I wont be tuning in any more and I have a feeling that there wont be too many more seasons in the THE TALKS future. p.s somethimes when my children have made a wrong decission I let them have a do over, think about it.
    Sincerly Racncho Cucamonga

  244. Josette Keech says:

    Why?..we all know why! You couldn’t be satisfied until you replaced Leah and Holly with a black woman talking too much. too loud and just downright obnoxious!! I will never watch that show again!!

  245. I hate the show now. I hope it goes flat!!!!!!!

  246. Diane Gwasda says:

    I am so disappointed that Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete will no longer be hosting The Talk. Whenever I was home from work I would always tune in and watch them. Leah and Holly were great. They would make me laugh all the time. It is not the same without them. Will not be watching the show any more.

  247. Ranica says:


  248. Mina says:

    Wow I cannot believe that Leah and Holly are no longer on the show. I cannot express my dissapointment. I find Julie so stuck up and very annoying, I understand she is a reporter but she seems really fake and very unsensitive. I really do not care for anyone on that show any longer except for Sharon she”s alright. I think I will pass on watching the show it’s such copy of the View especially with the newest cast member “Whoopi”. Julie is fully a Barbara Walters wanna be but will never be really she is so into her perfect little life that she actually seems very detached from everyone else. No one has anything in common. Leah and Holly were extremely real, you could realte to them and they gave you a sense of comfort. They were funny and entertaining. Kind of hope the show tanks, before it was different now it’s just boring. Thanks Julie it was because you didn’t stand out wasn’t it? Leah and Holly overshinned you didn’t they and you had to be the it girl that’s why you got rid of them. You know what they say charma’s a bitch, wait for yours.

  249. MSGT says:

    That was a bad move. Who is minding the store? They gave the show an earthy tone. Suits made a HUGE mistake with 2 1/2 men.Sheen made that show.Who cares about the BIMBOs and all the rest. It is funny how people with TALENT are a lot different than cookie cutter people. Think about it.

  250. Donna says:

    Donna in Parker
    Also deleted from my DVR. It was a Big let down.

  251. Lisa says:

    The only one left on the show who is any good is Sharon O. Sara never seems to have anything to say until someone else is talking then she interrupts them–she does this habitually. Leah and Holly were so honest and down to earth but now they’re gone and their replacements are just no where near them. CBS has made a big mistake and their show will suffer for it…The Talk was good while it lasted but NOT anymore.

  252. Madi Jo says:

    I had been wondering what happened to Holly and Leah. I use to be a huge fan of the talk, now I simply watch it because I find Mrs. O hilarious. I personally don’t mind Sheryl Underwood, in fact I honestly think Julie Chen needs to go. CBS needs to bring Holly and Leah back, while also keeping Sheryl. They got rid of two of the four best hosts! CBS has made a huge mistake, Holly was so down to earth, and Leah was always quick to have an unexpected and hilarious response. Mrs. O is really the only reason the talk is still on the air., Sheryl Underwood is quiet funny to, and Sara has moments when she makes us laugh, but the show just doesn’t have the same fun, upbeat, humor that it use to. I don’t think the show will survive into a 3rd season without these two hilarious women, I’m going to keep watching however. Simply to support my favorite host, Sharon. CBS, has made a huge mistake, that all of the show’s fans want fixed.

  253. tracey t. says:

    Guess I won’t be watching “The Talk” anymore. Just found out that Leah and Holly are no longer on the show. Shame on the ones responsible for not bringing them back.

  254. Lindi says:

    Jeez, my mom and I tuned into this show, ready to watch what fun and joy Holly and Leah would bring to it, now it just sucks. Julie is boring and Sarah isn’t the most extroverted, so she doesn’t bring much (my mom says they’re both boring! ). We both won’t be watching anymore :/ They were the SHOW! I really REALLY hope Julie didn’t fire them because they’re more interesting and adored than her, because that’s a stupid business mistake. You hear that Mr. Chen, CBS?! STUPID BUSINESS MISTAKE! Mrs. O is awesome, but I’ll just watch the other stuff she’s apart of–I won’t support The Talk.

  255. jeanne collett says:

    Why did they get fired,at same time that’s weird.. I had quit watching when I noticed they weren’t on. Would flip channel over to see if they were on, didn’t. Know they got fired. Wont watch anymore. Sharon, Holly & Lea should start show. Did Sarah start show?

  256. Carole Besterman says:

    I absolutely agree. I loved both of them and stopped watching the show immediately.

  257. Lorrainejane says:

    Firing Leah Remini was a huge mistake!!!!!!! She and Sarah really worked well together, besides Leah’s being hysterically funny. I still watch King of Queens and laugh my head off! I kept watching thinking she was on hiatus or something. Big mistake. And who are those two duds they hired? It’s not funny anymore, Lester.

  258. trish says:

    Leah was the only reason to watch the show….she was refreshing, down to earth and drop dead funny! I have a feeling that Julie Chen and her CBS husband les decided to get rid of anyone more interesting and stimulating than Julie! Watched one episolde of the show without Holly and Leah and that was the end of it for me

  259. jenny says:

    omg i still cant get over that they r gone . i thinks leah is soooo funny n she y i put the show on , n holly i thinks they all played off each other good n now dont even put the show on . i dont know y they r gone miss them

  260. chuck says:

    after getting off from work I always watched the talk since (cbs,julie jen) fired leah remini & holy robinson peete the show absolutly *SUCKS* very BAD julie needs to go back to be a reporter & not big brother either, cbs evidently does not have clue what people likes & or just don’t care.leah & holy really do need to have own talk show on a different network-that channels ratings would thrive!!!!!!!!!!

  261. Mary Huestis says:

    I think the show is terrible. It should be on at midnight. I will not watch because I have children who asked me what a lesbian was and the topics are in bad tast.

  262. Tori says:

    Won’t be watching The Talk anymore. Loved Holly and Leah was honest and refreshing.

  263. deb says:

    i thought Holly was fine…but Leah was a loud mouth and so annoying..she was ok on King of Queens

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