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Why Rihanna Can Wear A C*nt Necklace

Rihanna sparked a small controversy when she was spotted living Giorgio Baldi in Beverly Hills wearing an “offensive” necklace. There was a small attempt to generate more uproar around the necklace which spelled C*nt on the name plate, but the controversy isn’t quite catching on. Is it because it’s really not that big a deal? Rihanna’s entire persona as of the last two years has been around a young woman exploring/exploiting her sexuality, being free, having fun and making millions of dollars while doing it. Is her image of overt sexiness a bit much more – sure – much like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Beyonce included. But least we forget these artists are propagating an image that was created and every day their job is to further maintain this persona. Did Beyonce and Jay-Z choose to announce the news of their baby on live TV with millions watching – just because they love their fans???

Much like Madonna – who many have crowned the Queen of Pop did in her hay day – Rihanna and her counterparts are doing the same. Rihanna wearing a c*unt necklace is not surprising. Gwyneth Paltrow on the other hand calling her deceased grandmother the C-word on Chelsea Lately – now that’s shocking!

What do you think – does Rihanna’s necklace fit in with her image – or did she push it too far?

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0 thoughts on “Why Rihanna Can Wear A C*nt Necklace

  1. TINA says:

    Why is Rihanna stalking you all over the internet? Every time I suggest something for you, she runs and does it. I suggested you glam up, and suddenly she releases pics glammed up. I said you should try a tina turner hairstyle, suddenly she is rocking tina wig. My God she wants to be you so bad OR she is a crazy lesbian obsessed with having you, seeing you, wanting you. Somehow I think it is the latter. RIHANNA WANTS YOU CICI LOLLOL I KNOW THE IDEA IS DISGUSTING BUT IT IS THE ONLY REASONABLE EXPLANATION LOL

  2. Emily says:

    i know why she can wear one! cause she is one, a big big, huge one.

  3. Brad Lee The Dawg says:

    She’s a stupid, spoiled twat – so the necklace is a perfect fit for her.

  4. redbottomz says:

    if riri feels like a cunt,then that’s riri bi……if she’s doing it for publicity,then i would have to say MONEY CAN’T BUY EVERYTHING! getit2gether RIRI!

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