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Jaleel White Goes to Prison

Steve Urkel teams up with the cast in “House.” Jaleel White guest stars on the hit show in its Oct 3rd season premiere. At the end of season 7, House lands himself in jail after slamming his car into someone’s home and meets his prison mate Jaleel White. White is best known for his role on Family Matters – which ran for 9 seasons, where he played super-nerd “Urkel” who loved two things: Laura and….cheese. After the show White wasn’t seen much but in recent years has made guest appearances in ‘The Game”, “Psych” and “Boston Legal”, and also produced a web series that he starred in called “Fake it till you Make it”.

Catch Jaleel White on the 8th season of House set to air on Monday October 3rd at 9 p.m.

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  1. Lah says:

    Haha, you had me fooled for a minute there. And the suit he’s wearing in this pic is pretty odd.

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