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Rihanna Files Lawsuit Against Defects In Beverly Hills Home

Rihanna is not pleased with her $6.9 million dollar home. The ‘Man Down’ singer dropped $6.9 million on the Beverly Hills home in 2009 and two years later she’s filing a lawsuit against Prudential California Realty, the former owner of the home, the inspection company and other companies.

Rihanna claims in the lawsuit she was duped into believing the home was without defects.

“The actual value of the property at the time of purchase, taking into consideration the extensive construction defects … was millions of dollars less” states the lawsuit.

The defects were revealed after a rainstorm hit in January 2010 causing a host of water damage in several rooms. “The rainwater pooled on the second floor balcony ad seeped into numerous rooms of the house, causing extensive water intrusion into various rooms,” the suit alleges.

According to Reuters, Rihanna hired an engineer who found, “a host of defects in the property, including numerous waterproofing defects and evidence of water intrusion and associated damage.”

No word yet on how much Rihanna is seeking from the lawsuit…

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