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Jada Pinkett And Marc Anthony Out Of A Job As TNT Cancels HawthoRNe

Update-Jada Pinkett Smith and Marc Athony are both out of a job as TNT cancels HawthoRNe after three seasons. According to EW, TNT stated in a released statement,

“TNT truly appreciates the tremendous dedication of everyone involved,” the network said in a statement.”

The cancellation comes on the heels of   rumors that Marc Anthony’s alleged infidelity in his broken marriage to Jennifer Lopez was in part due to his inappropriately close relationship with Hawthorne co-star Jada Pinkett Smith.

Jada is not exactly immune to tabloid gossip either.   Rumors circulated that her marriage to celebrity powerhouse Will Smith was apparently on the rocks as well.   However, those rumors were quickly put to rest as the couple was spotted out engaged in intimate PDA while laughing off the divorce speculations.

Marc and Jada’s alleged inappropriate relationship stems from their time on set of the TNT series Hawthorne, where Marc plays Jada’s love interest.   According to US Magazine, sources revealed that although the two may not have had a full, blown-out affair; they were certainly involved in what one might call a fairly “inappropriately close” friendship.

The source also revealed that they were often caught hanging out alone in Anthony’s trailer and talked or texted frequently.

“They were a little touchy, like they were in their own little world.”

When Anthony’s marriage to Jlo slowing began deteriorating; the source claims that Anthony more frequently sought console from co-star Jada.

“The more distant Marc and Jennifer became, the closer he got to Jada”

The family insider also added that Jada may have well overstepped her bounds by lending Anthony marital advice.

Both Jada and Marc have denied any involvement with each other – now with the show’s cancellation will the rumors go away?

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