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Beyonce Releases New Behind The Scenes Footage Of '4' Show

Beyonce was pregnant when she performed her 4 intimate nights at the Roseland Ballroom earlier this month. Were those fans the first to watch her live with child? Maybe. After releasing her fourth album Beyonce pledged to do things her way. And her way she did. Like many greats before her, Beyonce took to the Roseland Ballroom for a night more about the music, a story and less about the theatrics.

Her fans waited, many in the rain for hours to experience Beyonce – little did they know she was pregnant and holding a secret. It is unclear how Beyonce’s pregnancy will impact her career. After Sunday night’s performance it will likely not slow down much. Her super excited husband Jay-Z will hit the road with Kanye West for a few months and Beyonce has stated she will proceed with the Michael Jackson tribute.

Every step of the this baby’s life will be captured and analyzed – hope Beyonce and Jay-Z are ready! Check out the video below:

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  1. verna says:

    intimate show equals tiny audience is all i could draw LOL LOL

    i hope she doesn’t keep subjecting that fetus to loud noises, and chaos. you wouldn’t bring a baby to that kind of environment and u certainly not bring a fetus, WHO CAN HEAR

  2. JOANN GETER says:


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