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Chris Brown’s VMA Performance Impressed Everyone Except Jay Z

At last night’s 2011 VMA’s, singer/dancer Chris Brown put on a show which still has the internet buzzing.   From high flying acrobatics to creative dance change-ups, Chris kept everyone mesmerized with every soaring leap.   That is everyone except for Jay Z.

During Brown’s performance, VMA cameras panned towards Kanye and Jay Z seating area.   While Kanye, much like most of the other crowd, stood at attention to applaud the performance, Jay Z appeared indifferent as he sat calmly sipping his drink.

Other celebrities such as Keri Hilson, also chimed in to applaud.   She later tweeted;

“Chris Brown’s performance [was my favorite]. OMG, it was going fast!. The fact that he would be flying and dancing at the same time….It was so Chris Brown. It was just so natural.”

Many are aware of Jay Z’s history with Chris Brown.   Given that Jay Z had discovered Rihanna, he felt particularly protective of her welfare.   So when Brown threatened this welfare with their infamous, public brawl in 2009; Jay Z took it as a particularly personal offense.

Chris Brown performance however, was not without flaw.   He may have kept the crowd transfixed on his dance moves, but his vocals were considerably lacking as he lip-synced through the entire performance. In fact, Chris Brown not only lip synced through his 2007 VMA performance, he also received flack for a poorly lip syncing during his Dancing With The Stars performance earlier this year.

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So what are your thoughts? Does Chris need to concentrate more on being a singer rather than a dancer? And does Jay Z need to let the beef go?

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