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Halle Berry Takes Nahla On Kite Flying Adventure

Oscar winning actress Halle Berry had reason to celebrate when she enjoyed a day out on the beach with her daughter Nahla in Malibu. Berry donned a multi-colored maxi dress as she taught Nahla how to fly a kite. Berry opted to remain in her maxi dress while Nahla changed to play in the sand and water.

Just one day prior Halle was back in court with Nahla’s father Gabriel Aubry. The two were present to discuss how much time Gabriel could spend with Nahla while Halle is away shooting movies. Halle is set to head to Europe to shoot another film and according to TMZ, the judge sided with Halle’s version of the “movie clause” in their custody agreement – which in the end gives Gabriel less time with Nahla.

What do you think of Halle and Gabriel’s custody battle?

Check out the pictures of Halle with Nahla on the beach

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