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Kim Kardashian Return From Honeymoon: Back To Reality!

Update-Kim Kardashian has officially admitted that her life under the heat of camera lens is her reality. Kim K enjoyed a low-key honeymoon with her husband Kris Humphries in France and Italy and reportedly cameras were not allowed to capture any footage of their honeymoon.

“E! would have loved to have a crew go on her honeymoon with her,” said a network insider. “That would have been TV gold but Kim said no way. Don’t think they didn’t ask. And to be honest they were a little surprised when she said no way.”

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Upon returning Kim tweeted,

“Back in the US and it feels sooo good! Had such a fun relaxing time away! Back to reality!”

The reality of   fulfilling endorsement deals, filming her reality TV show and making appearances. Kim’s first scheduled appearance will be Sunday night at the MTV Video Music Awards. This will also be her first appearance as Mrs. Kim Kardashian-Humphries – wonder if Kris is allowed to come?

How long do you think before Kim K and Kris have their own reality TV show?

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