Inside Jennifer Aniston's Not So Little 2-Bedroom Bungalow

Update-So you’ve heard that Jennifer Aniston and her beau Justin Thereoux downgraded from her mansion which she sold for $38 million to a 2-bedroom rental. While it’s no where comparable to her previous mansion, a 2-bedroom for most people doesn’t cost $17,500 a month – which is the couples reported monthly cost.

A source has confirmed to People that J & J have moved in together in a modest 2-bedroom Hollywood Hills home.

“They decided to rent a house together while they keep searching for the perfect [one] to buy,” said a source. “Jen and Justin are very excited about living together in their new home.”

Another source describes the home, ‘It is a really romantic house with great views and a warm feeling in every room. If they decide they like it, it’s also for sale”.

Adding, the house provides the couple with privacy, hardwood floors, a new ozone pool, spa and viewing deck. The master suite features vaulted ceilings and French doors leading to the yard.

The Daily Mail snagged some pictures of Jen and Justin’s bungalow. Check it out below

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