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Will Kim Kardashian Bank $17.9 Million From Her Wedding?

Update-Kim Kardashian and her family will now reportedly rake in $17.9 from her wedding! Kris Jenner, Kim’s mother sure is one savvy businesswoman.

Kim Kardashian married Kris Humphries on Saturday in a lavish ceremony at a $30 million mansion in Montecito, California. While a wedding of this scale could cost upwards of $500,000, celebrity event producer Tony Schubert states “not only will the family not spend money, it will likely make money.” Wedding vendors are more than willing to give the Kardashian freebies in hopes of publicity. Other sources have reported the wedding cost somewhere the in the   millions – say 10.

Schubert explains to the Hollywood Reporter,
“Because Kim is viewed among many brides-to-be and bridal hopefuls as a tastemaker, association with her is priceless. A single tweet from the star can get a brand’s name in front of nearly 9 million followers (dress designer Vera Wang is already receiving frequent mentions), compared to the 200,000 circulation of a wedding magazine like Brides.”

For instance, Kim’s luxury crystal-embellished black-and-white engraved gate fold invitations – free.

The $20,000 Vera Wang Dress along with alterations: free.

Kim Kardshian isn’t the only one taking advantage of the freebies, her mother Kris Jenner who incessantly discussed her facelift on ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians, reportedly received the service for free! And soon-to-be hubby, Kris Humphries received a significant discount on his 20.5 carat engagement ring.

The New York Post has reported an update on the business that is the Kardashians. According to NYP, Kris Jenner reportedly brokered a $2.5 million exclusive photo deal with People magazine.

In addition, the Kardashian’s will bank their biggest payout from their   four-hour, two-part TV spectacular called “Kim’s Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event,” which will air on E! in October. This special will bring in anywhere from $12-$15 million.

WOW! Kris Humphries reportedly signed a pre-nup because according to Khloe, “It’s good for business”. It makes you wonder what’s his stake in all of this? Congrats to Kim Kardashian on her wedding day – we’re sure it was the best money could buy! 😉

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