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Shawn Levy Leaves if Will Smith Says No To James Cameron's 'Fantastic Voyage'

Shawn Levy Leaves if Will Smith Says no to James Cameron Fantastic VoyageDirector Shawn Levy is having problem getting his cast together for the James Cameron produced ‘Fantastic Voyage’. The 1966 Fantastic Voyage is about  a group of scientist who are shrunk to microscopic proportions and sent in a miniature submarine inside a mans body to save his life.Production has lost momentum because of not being able to find the right cast. Maybe A lister are running scared because of Levy previous films ‘Night at the Museum’, ‘Date Knight’  and upcoming robot boxing movie ‘Reel Steel’ Non of witch would make a A-lister say” I want to be in his movies ” Levy will not direct the film if he don’t get a A-lister. Meetings have been set up in the upcoming week with box office worthy Will Smith. If Fox cant make the deal with Smith Levy walks According to Deadline Levy has plenty of options on the table, Fox’s own Frankenstein movie and Disney’s Maleficent, a retelling of the Sleeping Beauty story from the perspective of the princess’s evil nemesis. He also is an active producer through 21 Laps, which has Ben Stiller’s Neighborhood Watch in pre-production, among other projects.




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