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Scientology Drove A Wedge Between Jennifer Lopez And Marc Anthony

Update-Of the many reasons that have surfaced so far on Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony‘s split, Scientology would have been my last guest. Many, many speculations have surfaced from Marc’s controlling ways, infidelity on both ends and JLO’s diva-like behaviors. This week’s most recent discovery of Scientology was a bit surprising, not in the least that Jennifer doesn’t strike many as the zealous religious type. But her reported dedication played a significant role in the couples split.

According to the Daily Mail, Jennifer’s desire to send their three year old twins Max and Emme to the same Scientology school attended by the children of close friends Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, provided many contentious moments between the celebrity couple.

A source made this recent statement;

“Jennifer and Mac couldn’t see eye to eye on the subject.   She’s always been more in the church than him.   He wasn’t a huge fan and it caused problems.”

During a recent interview, Lopez explained that she wouldn’t mind her children attending the same school where Tom Cruise and John Travolta were followers by stating;

“I just wish that people wouldn’t judge it without knowing what it is.”

JLo and Marc are barely at the midway point of their divorce so I’m sure there will be plenty of reasons regarding marital discontent sure to surface in the future. Are you surprise by the claim of Scientology driving a wedge between Jennifer Lopez and Marc?

Stay tuned…

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0 thoughts on “Scientology Drove A Wedge Between Jennifer Lopez And Marc Anthony

  1. Jon says:

    I am not suprised, J’lo always seemed like an evil diva anyway. Scientology is a classless religion that oppresses women and children. Anyone involved in this crap is a straight loon. Hope she is not able to warp her children’s little minds by having them attend the school that Travolta and Cruise’s kids go to. Honestly why would you want your kids in that school?? Travolta had a kid who died and he probably neglected him, too busy with his down low undercover life, and come on Tom Cruise who are we kidding here, he and Will Smith are on the same boat as Travolta. SMH. Supporting Marc Anthony in this situation.

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