Selita Ebanks Disses Mariah Carey's Husband

Model Selita Ebanks was once engaged to Mariah Carey‘s now husband Nick Cannon. What appeared then to be a sappy union gone bad seems now to have been an apple soured from day one. Selita stopped by HDNet talk show “Naughty But Nice Rob” in New York City when the question of Nick Cannon popped up.

On her previous engagement to Nick Cannon:
“I mean I technically wore a ring but I don’t think I was really engaged. I want a Prince. I want Prince Harry. Do you think the queen would accept me?”

On Nick’s skills in the sack:

Selita continued on her mini tirade when asked about providing advice for voluptuous women:
“Listen, I love voluptuous women, what bothers me is when they wear spandex. Don’t wear spandex ladies if you are over size 16. Just because it comes in your size does not mean it’s for you. As women we can wear whatever we want, be sexy but just know the difference, everything has a time and place.”

I’m willing to give Selita the benefit of the doubt that she was hoping to pull a few laughs and raise some eyebrows, albeit in poor taste.

Mariah Carey likely shook her head and moved on. What do you think of Selita’s comments?

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