Marc & JLO Caught In Close Company In Long Island

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have apparently put their divorce on the back burner to spend some quality time as a family.

According to TMZ, the celebrity couple was recently spotted in Long Island near Sagg Main Beach in South Hampton New York.   Although the former pair may have looked as though they were re-kindling flames while comfortably positioned in the back seat of a red, custom Mustang; reports claim Marc was simply making an attempt to spend some quality time with his kids on a return trip to the East Coast.

This sighting comes on the eve of reports confirming Jennifer finalized a deal with American Idol to return for her second season.   Marc however, reportedly is having more difficulty moving on as a source claims he’s intentionally complicating divorce proceedings in hopes that Jennifer will reconsider.

Well complicated or not, Marc and Jennifer certainly looked cute cruising along in their vintage Mustang.   They even offered the occasional smile and wave to curious fans as their chariot rolled by.   “Hopefully the couple will behave with the same congeniality during their divorce; otherwise, as celebrity divorces have been known to get, things could quickly take a turn for the worse.”

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