Beyonce 4 Intimate Concert Sells Out In 22 Seconds

Beyonce 4 album may be not be dominating the charts but it’s good enough to sell out a venue in 22 seconds!! The ‘Run The World, Girls’ singer announced her 4 intimate concerts in New York’s Roseland Ballroom just a few days ago. Many thought the timing wasn’t sufficient between the announcement and the concert dates – but Bey’s fans were ready. Just a mere 22 seconds later the first night of the intimate concert was sold out. Beyonce will perform the entire album ‘4’ to a standing audience only.

The remaining three shows will be up for sale today separated by an hour each beginning at 2pm with the August 16th show. If things go according to plan, Beyonce should see a rise in sales for ‘4’….If not…well…there’s always the 5th album.

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