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Did Basketball Wives Destroy Jennifer And Eric's Marriage?

Update-Did Basketball Wives destroy Jennifer and Eric’s marriage? If you ask Eric Williams that’s a resounding, yes! The now estranged couple who are both dragging out their divorce have cemented their place on the list of couples who divorce after appearing in a reality TV show.Eric and Jenn’s rocky relationship escalated to new heights when the season finale aired, showing Eric and Jenn verbally trashing each other and throwing drinks!

Viewers are taking sides as the couple continue to battle. Did Jennifer provoke the situation as she threw the first drink – though not as aggressively – and should Eric have walked away? Jennifer called into New York radio show “The Breakfast Club” to state her peace. Eric wasn’t far behind when he called to state his peace. Excerpts below allude to Eric’s belief that Jennifer has changed while on the show and it’s negatively impacted their marriage.

You know she’s trying to make a career. You see the way they set up the whole show? That sh*t is around me and my emotions and my relationship. She’s going out there looking like an alco[holic]. She’s drinking the devils drink, they got you talking about condoms this & condoms that. The only thing you’re talking out of your mouth about   is smashing. Is that a good example for for yourself? She needs to check [her]self.

She’s not acting herself and you know it. She’s changed 350 degrees. So all that stuff that’s going on right now, I don’t even know her. So the splash of thy holy water, I had to Baptize that ass, ya dig.

Check it out below: Did Basketball Wives destroy Jennifer and Eric’s marriage?


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  1. Tyrone says:


    I wish there was a show Basketball Player” and the females they pick to be girlfriend or wife! Because Basketball Wives and Basketball Wives LA shows a low class thinking Basketball player! That picks ghetto ignorant stupid classless girlfriends and wives.

    Many of these men when interview have horrible diction and speak like teenagers! To say education is a needed part of being better….Is a understatement when it comes to basketball player…If it was not for the fact of their athletic ability most not all would be unemployable!

    In Basketball Wives LA Tanya Williams is ridicule for being intelligent and speaking well…The ignorant ghetto raise female are unable to understand that many people speak well! Not every minority from wherever believe in calling themselves bitches and from a hood!

    All the cursing and speaking with horrible grammar is disgusting and a sign of being ignorant ghetto and low class! America hates these people especially good law abiding black Americans! Tanya is what I as a black man would want all black women on TV to act like! Kimsha Artest seem to be the Tami like ignorant ghetto female of Basketball Wives LA! Speaking like a stupid ghetto teenager over weight and mad at people that took care not to eat themselves fat!

    Jackie Christie is a low life ignorant OLD female scare the death of losing her husband! To think she gets marry every year is down right STUPID! Her attack on Tanya was unnecessary cursing at her is a sign of a classless person. Jackie also looks to be the older of all the female and very uncomfortable with her looks!

    Jayson Williams’ estranged wife, Tanya, has joined the cast of VH1′s “Basketball Wives: LA” and says she’s so far shot three episodes while navigating divorce proceedings. “I signed on to participate in the show to elevate the negative perception . . . that [it] is purposely filled with flighty, overly emotional and sense lessly dramatic women,” she told us via e-mail. “Yes, my life is chaotic, dramatic and surreal, but I am also a businesswoman.” Former Nets star Williams is behind bars for assault in the death of a limo driver and is up for parole next month when the show premieres.
    But tonight was nothing but ghetto ignorant minority acting like fools! VH1 saw that Tami was the draw in Basketball Wives 1. So now they have all but one ghetto ignorant classless females! First episode physical fighting over nothing! Something Tami does in Basketball Wives 1…
    But as for Tanya Williams her mother lives just down the street from my late grand parents house! Her Mother has the very best house on the street. She also raise her children to be respectable lady….She is not acting she has always spoke with very good diction. What kills my is when black people criticize someone for specking well. That is totally ignorant and ghetto!
    Tanya and her sister went to very good schools and their parent were always about getting good grades! Her brother was in a singing group ” Pieces of a Dream” …! I remember every holiday Tanya mother home was the dress to the T!

    It is a shame that in order for minority to get on TV they have to act life fools and pure animal….Claiming hood and calling themselves bitches! Acting like thugs and ghetto idiot! So far know one knows what a Basketball Wives is suppose to be!

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