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Debenhams Create Demand For Pippa Middleton's Dress

Update-Mass market London retailer, Debenhams, has created quite the demand for Pippa Middleton‘s maid-of-honor dress.There is just something about Pippa….   The sister to now British royal Kate Middleton, made her debut at Kate’s wedding and has transfixed the media ever since. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were forced to take a back seat to the frenzy that became known as “Her Royal Hotness.”

Pippa Middleton stunned fellow royals and onlookers with her form-fitting dress made by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen during her sisters wedding. And now Debenhams wants to you have the replica all for just $280. To further increase the madness around Pippa and increase demand on her dress, TLC has produced a document that promises to discuss the intimate relationship between Pippa and Prince Harry and just why she’s become a celebrity.

Back to Pippa’s dress, a representative for the Debenhams tells the Daily Mail, “We have been inundated by customers asking if we have anything similar to the dresses worn by Kate, Pippa and the flower girls, but the ivory dress worn by Pippa is the most requested by far.’ The replica will be available later this year but the mail-in orders are already coming in!

Do you get the hype around Pippa Middleton? Did you watch TLC’s “Crazy About Pippa”?

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