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Watch The Throne Grabs Hold Of Hip Hop

Watch the Throne is perhaps the most highly anticipated album of 2011. Jay-Z and Kanye West have captivated Hip Hop audiences from a wide spectrum of race, class and creed. After a few false starts, scrapped tour dates and rumors of tension behind closed doors, at midnight on August 8th, Jay-Z and Kanye released Watch The Throne on iTunes. The dynamic duo managed to avoid the curse of the “leaked” album by maintaining full control from start to finish.

WTT boasts producers and artist features such as newcomer Frank Ocean, Otis Redding, Mr. Hudson, Swizz Beats, The RZA, Q-Tip, Curtis Mayfield and Beyonce.

Steve Jones of USA Today gives the album 4stars out of 4, stating that these are “a potent set of tracks that finds them stepping up their games and stepping out of their comfort zones,” concluding that “They’ve also clearly inspired each other. They’ve created an artistic Throne that other rappers can aspire to.”

As the day goes on the week is passes, hip hop heads will continue to debate and analyze WTT track for track. Huffington Post has dedicated a live blog to WTT – yes – a live blog!!

Will Watch the Throne live up to it’s expectations?

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