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Rihanna Dons Bob Marley Swimsuit In Barbados

Rihanna continues to enjoy her time in her hometown of Barbados. After bringing her LOUD tour to her home for the first time, RiRi kept the party going. She was spotted on the beach donning a reggae legend Bob Marley all over her body – the suit is reportedly custom made. Rihanna wasted no time getting wasted as she was photographed drinking beers while in the water. No word on how long Rihanna will remain in Barbados but she’s definitely making every day a party – can we say “Cheers, I’ll Drink To That”?!

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One thought on “Rihanna Dons Bob Marley Swimsuit In Barbados

  1. celeste says:

    there is NOTHING beautiful about a nasty azz woman who shows her azz, and celebrates incest (grabbing her own mom tits) and lewd behavior (at that festival in front of children and the whole world) in front of children.

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