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Henry Cavill dons Superman suit for 'Man of Steel'

Either Superman (Henry Cavill) is saving the day, or he is pissed he left his debit card in his other tights. Warner Bros. released the image of Henry Cavill in true Superman glory early today. The real question remains: Is his underwear still on the outside? I can’t imagine it would be, I think it’s time to let this man wear some pants. Either way they are getting the ball rolling early with publicity, since the Man of Steel is slated for a June 14 2013 release. Also starring Laurence Fishburne (“Matrix”) as Perry White, Kevin Costner (“Dances with Wolves”)  and Diane Lane (“Unfaithful”) as Clark Kent’s adoptive parents. All I can say is the dude looks tough. Judging by this picture I have to say that Superman is in good hands with director Zack Snyder and creator Christopher Nolan.

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