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Fishburne to play Superman's Boss in "Man of Steel"

Exclusive: Laurence Fishburne will be playing the role of  Superman’s Boss “Perry White” in the upcoming movie Man of Steel. Morpheus!!???

This is really crazy! For the last seventy one years the character has only been depicted as white. How will the fans handle seeing the Daily Planet’s chain smoking editor as a man of color?  Can we remember some of the negative feedback towards Idris Elba for his role in Thor, a part that was originally white in the comics? I am ecstatic by the choice, but as a Superman fan I can understand how movie goers may want to see the character as “authentic” as possible.

The most important thing to think about is that Perry White first appeared in the comics of Superman in 1940, and Superman originated in 1938. There was no diversity in Superman comics back then. It may be refreshing to see the story told without the limitations of how race was viewed back then. Time will tell how it is received, but I for one am ready to take flight!!


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