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Beyonce Supports Hubby Jay-Z At Listening Party

Beyonce was in full force to help husband Jay-Z and Kanye West celebrate the impending release of their highly anticipated album “Watch The Throne” at their listening party. The “exclusive” event was held in New York where Kelly Rowland, Solange and Jada Pinkett Smith were on hand to show some love.

Jay-Z and Kanye’s night out squashes the rumors that there was extreme tension amongst the group as they planned for their fall tour. While Jay-Z did admit that they squabble like brothers, he said it’s only to push each other to “greatness” and that’s all. Jay-Z added about the rumor,

‘I kinda want to spend a gazillion dollars. They got it backwards, but it’s all good,”

‘I know that we’re doing something right now.

‘When I woke up to all that, I was like, ‘Oh yeah, we must be really hot right now.”

Beyonce and Kelly has been spotted out quite a few times since the top of year. Many are beginning to speculate if Beyonce dropping Matthew as her manager and Kelly doing the same has anything to do with their more public relationship. In the meantime, Beyonce can also celebrate her album “4” going platinum!

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