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Rihanna Revealing Kadooment Day Parade Outfit

Update-Rihanna has never been shy about showing off her envious figure and celebrating her islands Kadooment Day Parade/Carnival was no different. Of course, everyone, envious figure or not is showing off their body at Carnival!!! Rihanna is certainly taking her role as ambassador to Barbados to heart and she’s has brought much media attention to the island. How many times has Barbados’ Carnival been a main stay in celebrity gossip – Go RiRi. Back to the crop over parade, reportedly, Kadooment Day is ” an ancient tradition where the people of the province masqueraded in clothing of natural materials after giving the first grown crops to the gods for good luck. Today, it’s a public holiday in Barbados during the Crop Over Festival, celebrating the end of the sugar cane crop harvest.”

Rihanna was crowned Carnival Queen and was spotted letting loose and getting on bad in a red bedazzled bikini and an embroidered bra top that is traditional to carnivals.

Rihanna tweeted on Sunday, “My home, my country, my people… BARBADOS!” Can you tell she’s having fun and wish you were there!! What do you think of Rihanna’s carnival outfit?


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