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Bush's Girlfriend Melissa Molinaro Struts Her Stuff For Vegas Audience

Reggie Bush’s girlfriend and Kim Kardashian look-alike Melissa Molinaro is enjoying the fruits of her labor as she performed at a Las Vegas event.

Molinaro made a sassy wardrobe change from a slinky, black mini-dress to a barely there white leotard while performing at one of Vegas’ premier night clubs, The Piranha. Molinaro’s was on site to sing Happy Birthday to J.Son of “Naked Boy News” before the customary balloon drop.

Although boyfriend Reggie Bush was not on hand, given his recent trade to the Miami Dolphins; Molinaro appeared unaffected by the pending lawsuit by Kim Kardashian over her part in an Old Navy commercial. Melissa instead turned up the sexy as she belted out the birthday tune to her screaming, adoring fans.

Molinaro, who was particularly pleased to have her brother in attendance, later tweeted;

“I love my Brother!!! It was amazing having him here & watching me perform tonight!!”

Melissa Molinaro couldn’t find a better celebrity to emulate as Kim Kardashian has perfected stretching and cementing your 15 minutes.

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