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Basketball Wives: Tami Roman Will Skip Season 4 If Meeka Claxton Returns

Basketball Wives: In the aftermath of their brawl in Italy, Tami Roman and Meeka Claxton are no closer to reconciling. To date, Meeka is suing Tami for assault and Tami has given VH1 an ultimatum if she it to return for Season 4. Tami called into Richmond radio host TT Torrez to discuss Meeka and the drama. Some highlights:

On Tami making a case for self-defense: (A very weak case at that)
Listen, I tried not to talk about her unlike her who has made me her entire existence but because I’m talking to you I’m going to tell you the real. This person came onto the show, never really letting us see who she really was, was very fake, was very back and forth and basically lied a lot. Now I’m giving you an opportunity in my face to tell the truth and you still going lie to my face. So to what happened in this discussion, all I see, which I’ve asked her not to do, was her getting ready to get up with her hand [don’t put your hand up] because I don’t know what you’re going to do. I don’t know if you’re going to swing at me. So, I basically…I have a defense mechanism that’s always been apart of who I am and when I saw that hand I snapped because I don’t know what you’re going to do and I need to defend myself and that’s what you guys saw last night.

On Susie being the instigator of the brawl…
….Susie isn’t strong enough…like her personality is the type of personality if you tell her something she can’t hold water. So they know if they put Susie with Evelyn, Jen and Shaunie and they happen to say something and then they put Susie in scene with Royce, eventually something that was said in that other conversation is going to come out. So they’re playing her but I don’t think she’s aware of it.

Will “Basketball Wives” come back for a fourth season?
We were actually told yesterday we do have a season four, so there will be another season of “Basketball Wives” so everybody can get their fix. If I’m participating, it will definitely be because Meeka is not participating. I think that’s a decision that VH1 has to weigh and see what person is more valuable to them with regard to the franchise because I can’t work with someone who is suing me. VH1 has to make a decision.

Meeka later calls into the same show and confirms she did file a lawsuit and is uncertain if she will return for Season 4. While also coming to terms with the fact that Tami is “messy” and “classless” and Shaunie, Evelyn and Jenn does not have her best interest at heart.

Who do you think VH1 will chose for Basketball Wives Season 4, Tami Roman or Meeka Claxton?

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  1. paula says:

    I agree with Tammy, the show needs to make a decision. I feel that Tami is more valuable to the show than Meeka. Meeka has come on the show and tried to play all the girls against each other. She has tried to hard to get in the circle by being a snake. Even though Eveyln and Tami wete not getting along does not mean that their going to let some tacky looking outsider stir up things between them. They are all classy and pretty except Meeka. Meeka brought all of thi s on her self by talking sh–t about Tami to Suzie. Suzie did the right thing by telling Tami because her loyalty should be with the girls who are already in the circle with her. All i have to say is bye bye because

  2. Pat says:

    Tami is a liability, and will cost VH1 more money in the end. She is mentally unstable and needs psychiatric help, if things don’t go her way she reacts with violence. They need to let her go.

  3. charell says:

    well i aint looking for a role model, im watching bb wives for entertainment and tami is def more fun to watch to then meeka.
    so they should let meeka go and move on to the next.

  4. Empress says:

    Bye Bye Meeka!!!

  5. Lee says:

    This whole situation is sad and ridiculous! What are these women teaching their children. Tami is a hot ghetto mess, Suzie is just messy and needs to learn to keep the drama down! And Meeka needs to learn to keep things to herself as well. Black women should learn to get along and not degrade themselves on television!

  6. Naenae says:


  7. Naenae says:


  8. Donns says:

    I think they both should stay Tammi you did the same thing when you join the b-ball wives you judge jen but the ladies got to know you girl come down off your high horse and get to know meeka or is it that she
    peep your ho card that you really do need some help you are still mad at your ex and taking it out on her because she has more than you have.

  9. Wanda says:

    I agree that Tami is a liability. That girl had moved her hand when Tami hit her but Tami instigated the whole thing with the same old week to week thing….what did you say, I’m just trying to understand and so on and so on and so on. She tried to drag Royce in it but it didn’t work because Royce continued her friendship with Meeka where Tami couldn’t move on because there was a fight she could get into. This is exactly why she is not the manager of her children’s career. She needs to check herself at the door before she tries to check someone else. Meeka may have said somethings she shouldn’t have but she carries herself well where Tami on the other hand always looks a hot ghetto mess. Tami is pretty but her attitude takes all that away. She always has to fight and roll her eyes like a 9 year old school girl and when she eats…her mouth…ewwww. The way she twists it and talks with food in her mouth spells BROKE GHETTO HO!!!! I think the show needs to keep Tami if they want ghetto drama and BS but she is too risky and someone may get hurt and sue Vh1. I would.

  10. 2BeReal says:

    Tami is the alter ego of Keith Sweat. People have grown tired of her distraction of bullying just for employment. She needs to go get get a real job and stop begging. Remove herself from the spotlight and stay in the background, she can not handle success. It goes straight to her head because she has never had it.

    All she does is whine when she cannot obtain (Keith Sweat-there you go telling me no again, there you go) fame in the same realm as others.

    When she does have her hands in the jar of fame she goes and does something stupid and that takes her hands out of the realm of fame. She is notorius for wanting something she can not have, then getting mad about it. If it was for her she would have it. Not everyone can stay famous forever, she is one of them. She is a one note wonder in regard to acting. Her mindset is not up to a level to support what she wants.

    Meeka deserves to be there more than Tami really, even though she does not speak up enough to hear her through the speakers. She is a work in progress…lol. But Tami’s look is old, boring, and beginning to tire. Tami is a one note wonder.

  11. 2BeReal says:

    I think it is time to Boycott this show and stop watching Shanie’s “Mess of Success” show. I think they should rename the show VH1’s Mess of Success.

  12. Brooklyn Brooks says:

    2bereal- Please do your research because Tami is actually an actress and yes she has had some hard times but trust and believe she gets her grind on. Just google her and you can see all the work she has done in the last 20 years. Also when you are a black acttress its hard to get a gig so I give her props to be able to have movies credits. look Tami Roman up on IBMD.

  13. Rene' Smith says:

    YESSSS YES YES YES YES YES !!!!!!! KEEP TAMMI ! She’s hilarious. Meeka is too bornig and LAME, AND FAKE. She should have NEVER gone to Italy knowing full well she was NOT liked ! She should have stayed with that broke-azz chiquaqua Royce.

  14. Rene' says:

    VH1 needs to try and recruit more actual basketball WIVES and/or ex-WIVES than baby-mama’s and ex-girlfriends. Their stories are pretty pathetic. I mean, not being able to mention your child’s father or show your children (who should be their pride and joy. . . . . or
    mealticket ;-0 ? Really ?

  15. 2BeReal says:

    Brook, do you mind if I call you Brook? …

    Research was done, and if one has to do it, which it is possible, when it comes to being an actress, something or someone OUTSIDE of the individual actress that you are researching should cause your curiosity to WANT to research them. I am having to be told to research her? You would think I would have if I was interested in Tami which I am not. however I did research her out of curiosity of what makes her think she has something to offer. LOL

    Tami is not an actress, as I define it. There is no awe of her work on a grand scale. She has to tell people who she is. She most likely told you (by twitter or blog)and you went and researched her, if you are willing to be truthful with me. If you love her acting that is you. I however happen to feel that there should be something magical that should occur when you enter her realm that draws you to an actress without the actress having to gude me to what she has done. For me that does not happen! I do not want to be told to research someone to discover who they are, their skills should do that for me, to make me WANT to learn more. With her I could not believe that she though she was an actress and wanted to verify her credentials, and so I researched. After such I came to the conclusion that she is a one note wonder with different roles that attempt to make her seem as if she has depth as an actress.

    I do not think that she is a good actress and this reversal of this tabloid kind of thing that we like somebody music or we like somebodys acting therefore we care about their private lives and their biography is beyond me.

    Beethoven undoubtably was a great composer but from all we know he was a pretty miserable person to know who took advantage of his friends, etc. etc. None the less he created great music. This actress, I believe is not a very good actress regardless how commited she might be or what else is going on in her private life of stage.

    Her work that she does as an actress needs to be judged by her performances and from that point of view I think she is a third rate actress, and it has nothing to do with her being black. Maybe the reason she is not geting the gigs in high quality productions is not solely due to the fact that she is black, but may very well be because she is not UP to the standards.

    Nothing personal but I am NOT inspired.

  16. 2BeReal says:

    Plus, for those who get it twisted and go and say Shaunie is a Beethoven for creating this “Mess of Success” VH1 crap show should ask themself, since when is selling out others for monetary gain worthy of talent? We all could get up there and act fools for free which is basically what reality television is. Adrenaline tv, but not anything that inspires. That is a major difference. Some people are willing to masquerade true talent with a cheap version of foolery at it’s lowest level, to rake in the cash to support/maintain an elaborate lifestyle, as they show that some people can not appreciate higher standards, and thus the success of Shaunie’s mess.

    Black people have always had to obtain higher standards in what they do, but that should make them want and seek higher standards, not lower ones regardless of who is doing the acting, or creating the show. IF this was the case this show would not be success as it is. I could care less of the lining of pockets of money hungry executive producers who deliver talent at the lowest common form of hamming-poor acting.

  17. Megan W. says:

    I would not let them out if their contracts, they are adults and need to work it out. I can definitely see why Ms. Claxton sued Ms. Roman but, work it out! Time to heal and move on. I think they can all learn something from this. I like Tami and Meeka I am a true fan and I say work it out otherwise, my BBW Monday night get togethers with wine & cheese will cancel! We can’t have that!

  18. Cheryl says:

    “The way she twists it and talks with food in her mouth spells BROKE GHETTO HO!!!!”

    LMAO!!! I thought that I was the only one that noticed her uncouth table manners, ever see how she wipes her mouth when she’s eating with her hand never a napkin… LMAO!!!

  19. ajohn says:

    TAMI is a bully! She keeps talking about old made up stuff that doesn’t make any sense. Shani should be ashamed to put black women up to this for profit, but we also had blacks sell other blacks into slavery for profit too! Why doesn’t any of those bad asses challenge Shani? I don’t like this show! Single girls is somewhat better!!!

  20. kaybee says:

    I dont think Meeka wants o be in season 4 to be honest, I mean except for Royce they all treated her like s***. If I was Meeka I would not do another season I mean whats the point none of them like her even Shaunie which in my opinion is a pour excuse for an executive producer, moreover Meeka is the only real BB wife on the show maybe thats why she is hated by many!!lol I am just saying!!

  21. CheaRenee says:

    How I feel if you have soooo much negative things to say about the show DON’T watch it . . . It’s pointless for you to complain when you can easily TURN the channel . Obviously you enjoy it if you know everything about the show had to go RESEARCH and got on a blog site . In the words of Evelyn Alllll the haters are a NON MUTHA F’N FACTOR 🙂 BasketBall Wives will be back!

  22. vfocused says:

    If you look @the video of the fight, Meeka did not put her hand in Tami face and even if she did, or not, Tami did not have to hit the girl. Im not saying I side with Meeka cus she did come in trying to take sides and she did. She wanted to align herself with Ev , Jen and Shaunie but liked the other girls also. Meeka came in knowing all about the show via episodes, blogs or websites and did not take the time to get to know each person without choosing to stay out of all drama. If u are the new girl u dont come in questioning everyone about everyone else, make your own conclusions and that is what most of the girls told her. Meeka should not come back 4 season 4 cus no one likes her and she is suing Tami. Hitting someone is one thing but suing someone is another. Thats about money. Dont come back on a show expecting to get paid while suing a cast member 4 what you already knew could possibly happen. If you watch BBW than you already know what the show is about or what could easily happen. If theres drama you just might get a drink in the face or hit. If the two parties take it there. Tami is gone take it there so Meeka kinda asked 4 it when she came @ Tami right off the bat cus @ the Polo event Tami had not sd anything to her or about and Meeka just started in on her with her mouth! That is why no one likes her cus she just started something 4 no reason and Ev and Jen and Shaunie dont get on your bad side 4 no reason you have to have done or sd something 4 that to happen. BBW dont need somebody coming on the show just to make drama where there is no need to make it. She was just crazy @ the polo event and she admitted the next day saying she was wrong. If she would have sd that to Tami and apologized maybe Tami would not have pop that face, like she did. Just saying! Anyway VH 1 since Meeka has a law suit please dont bring her back cus I wasnt even on the show and she exhausted me just trying to keep up with her conversation and understand her. She confused everybody else on the show and HER OWNSELF wit that fast talk and when Tami was in the nite club in Rome trying to listen to what she was saying and was not hearing her or understanding that was sooooooo funnnny ! I laughed til I cried cus Tami had not been there long enuf to be drunk I dont think Tami was even drinking this time. The video leading up to the punch was soooooo funnnny! Dont condone violence and dont condone someone getting hurt by no means but dramatic is Tami is @ times, the show would not be as funny without Tami. Ev and Jen have a cute friendship too and I get the humor the two of them share also, but Tami is just in a whole other category and I mean that in a good way. As dramatic as she is I believe she is a good mom, she is cool person, and she is a pretty female when she cleans up and not drinking as much. She sd she did not do well with alcohol and we see that, but as around the way as she seems, I still like Tami. She is an instigator but I still like her. If if is something that needs to be sd Tami will get it started even if it is not her issue. She does like the drama. Maybe after BBW she can get an acting role! Could definately see Tami in the movies or primetime tv show. Meeka needs to go and Tami needs to stay on BBWs, the show needs her. Meeka needs to go on her merry way with her lawsuit and yes , luv Tami but meeka got her face pop, she needs to get paid 4 that, but dont let her remain on the show cus she like royce is boring and annoying to all cast members even Susie. I think susie is getting tired of trying to be everyone’s friend. If Meeka and Royce do not come back and be replaced with other BBWs everything came keep moving cus they (Royce and Meeka) are NON MF FACTOR B—-S!

  23. vfocused says:

    Exactly Paula, Tami was on THE REAL WORLD another reality show and have not researched her yet but Tami was an actualy BBW for 10 years. Could definately see she in Comedy. People are misunderstanding Tami cus of the dramatics even her kids called her that but that is Tami’s thing. That is why Acting is perfect for her. Tami has a clue about the business. She is just not bougiesy about the way she carries herself. If not 4 the alcohol she probably has her classier moments dont know. I do not personallly know Tami. Do believe she is a Real individual and maybe some of what u see is what u get. Due to the fact that there are cameras on. Who knows how much that is affecting how real a person can be? Just a thought and that goes 4 all of the cast! I dont think Tami or any of them should be judged by this show cus a camera can make one hold back or it can make one be a little bit more than what they really are. Meeka most definately has burned her bridge to begin with. She has not been there 2 minutes and already the who cast has issues with her. Royce is also trying to be an actress so she is probably milking this show 4 all the fame its worth regarding her. She can keep it moving also cus she is very boring on the show and has no relevence with the other females. Royce is on the wrong show she needs to do somehthing else like Big brother, or survivor, or the new show Wipe Out, lol She is not in her league and Meeka is a wannbe. Thirsty, as Ev put it from the reunion! Too thirsty! GET YOUR SETTLEMENT MONEY MEEKA AND BE GONE THATS ALL U EARNED, cus again as i sd b4, TAMI TAGGED THAT! KEEP TAMI AND PAY HER ENUF SO THAT LIL CHANGE THAT MEEKA GETS DONT MATTER –A NON MF FACTOR!

  24. smissmurray says:

    I agree 100% with you, I couldn’t have said it better, you were truthful about the whole Meeka situation. That is like a new person at work STAY IN YOUR LANE. Don’t be running your mouth until you have observed all areas. She should have given herself another season by zipping that trap SHUT UP! If anyone noticed when she was around Jen and Evelyn they always stood quiet and asked questions here and there and Meeka just kept talking and talking. Btw, although Meeka used someone else that designed her earrings how thoughtless was it to wear them because it increased promotion for Evelyn’s website, sorry I never say things like this but Meeka is not important to BBW. She may be one but she just needs to go do what she moved to Miami to do. Now that she was on BBW her business may not flourish because of her image on the show! Sucks to be you Meeka!

  25. Toni says:

    OMG!! Just hearing the interview on radio with Meeka Claxton and damn it, she is still lying and lying about the whole thing about how she didn’t go to Suzie to tell her about Tami, she didn’t pull Suzie aside to give low down on Tami, OMG! Meeka can lie and in your face, meaning the interviewer’s face. I can’t stand liars, most of all I can’t stand fake insecure women, like Evelyn Shaunie Jennifer, sorry they are insecure mean girls, women who can’t see others make it better in life for themselves, no these ladies are so selfish, but then again insecure ladies are so selfish they only think of themselves because there is no one thinking of them. Meeka and Suzie shouldn’t be on the show at all, sorry, but Suzie is not a good friend to any of the ladies, she likes to start trouble she likes to listen to everyone talk about the other and then she goes to the person and start her bullshit by talking to them about what the other said, Suzie wants this drama because now she can remain in the stupid circle that these insecure ladies has, how pathetic to even say you have a circle to get into, how lame is that, but I guess little insecure ladies like Evelyn Shaunie Jennifer and Meeka wants the circle. They are so pathetic. As for Royce, she is real she is doing her thing and that is why these insecure ladies are jealous of Royce, please they all said that Royce talks so much about others behind their backs, and that she lies all the time and that she can’t dress, her hair is messy, she doesn’t have good expensive shoes and blah blah blah….. This goes to show how low and pathetic these ladies are, yeah talking about Evelyn Shaunie Jennifer, insecure bitches that don’t know what’s the truth even if it is thrown in their faces by God, they are so insecure that they can’t think straight, they have to lie about Royce, they know Royce doesn’t talk about them unless they had said something first and what the phuck they can say whatever they want all the time, but if Royce defends herself it is wrong or she is not telling the truth, please this only prove that these ladies are just jealous, they can’t stand it that Royce is doing her own thing and she didn’t have to phuck for shoes or anything else for doing it, NO, Royce is a true friend to those who deserves it and who shows the same to Royce, but these ladies would never know what a real friendship is, they too busy being jealous, they too busy talking so much about Royce behind her back because they have nothing else in their life, they have nothing to occupy themselves with something constructive, NO, they can’t do that but I guess phucking around for money or for existences, then maybe yeah that is what these ladies would do. As for Royce, she got it together, she has her book she is a professional dancer, but yeah we have these ladies all jealous about it because maybe their men went with dancers, either way to blame Royce is totally wrong, but hey that is ok, Royce is doing her own thing for her life, she is making it she is intelligent she can speak without having to curse in every sentences, she makes sense and she can back it up when she has to tell it to your face, unlike the others they can’t back it up, they stay shut like Jennifer with her stupid little comment, “oh is someone talking”, all it shows how stupid Jennifer is, she knows damn real that Royce didn’t do anything to her but knows the truth on what Jennifer did whether it’s her nude pictures to talking behind someone’s back to talking to Eric for business deal or whatever, Jennifer knows that she is the one who is lying, Jennifer knows that she is the one that don’t know what she is talking about, she knows that she was the one to leak the pictures and who cares just admit it you did it you sent it to your friend for whatever reason, but then to lie about it and then to put Royce into the middle of it when she didn’t start anything just shows how lame how stupid how pathetic how fake Jennifer is and has always been that way it just no one said it to her face, except Royce and damn it that is why I like her and respect her, she don’t play she is not about to let these jealous insecure ladies do that to her. Tami and Royce are the only real ones, as for the others like Suzie, she needs to keep shut or people should learn not to say anything to her, as for Meeka she is nothing but a liar, she doesn’t know how to tell the truth to anyone, she lies in your face even after seeing the episode on TV and still tell the story that you didn’t start trouble you didn’t talk behind anyone’s back you didn’t talk about Tami numerous times Still after seeing the episode still listening to what Meeka is trying to lie about again but keeps putting her foot in her big mouth, still Meeka hasn’t learn a damn thing, she is delusional. Shaunie, well to me she is nothing, I don’t like fake people she only thinks of herself, she sits there at reunion looking all innocent, come on we the viewers are not stupid we see what we see and hear what we hear and please this whole editing shit is BS, you are what you all protray of yourself and that is bitchy, and that is what Shaunie is a total bitch, she is a nobody just trying to make her money on othes expense and hey if that is what you are about then be honest about it, but no that is not in her vocabulary she rather be a stupid bitch with Evelyn another one who is an idiot that can’t speak without cursing up a storm and don’t even make sense when she speaks, stupid insecure idiot has a store selling expensive shoes, has a condo, buy expensive dresses, shoes, wigs/extensions or whatever for her hair, but she can’t get her mom out of the projects, her mom has to stay in the Bronx in the smelly building of the project while she is in her expensive condo living so well while her family live like shit. I can’t never never respect that, she doesn’t care for her family at all only for herself she is selfish. I’m Puerto Rican woman Taino Boricua and we value our families, we stick together and do for eachother, you best believe if I have a condo or house you all best believe my mom & dad will have a house or condo first, then my daughter with my grandsons, then my sisters & brothers, as an older child in the family you take care of them you make sure all is together, I am not selfish I can’t live in a nice condo or house and my parents still living in the projects, or my daughter living in a place where it’s a high rent in bad neighborhood, or my sisters & brothers not living same as me, I can’t stand to see them struggle when they don’t need to when I have the means to help them, why couldn’t Evelyn do that for her parents her sisters her family, to me she only thinks of herself. I don’t want to hear that she doesn’t have to give like that, I don’t buy it because she can buy expensive dresses, shoes, hair, going out all the time or going to charity functions where you have to spend lots of money, she is just selfish a bitch which I can’t never respect, then again she is a nobody. Oh well, said what I had to say about these ladies.

  26. Toni says:

    Just change the channel. If you don’t like what you see then change the channel why the whole boycott thing, what’s the matter, you can’t do it yourself, you need to have others be on the bangwagon with you on closing out this show, really? Be a grown up, turn the channel and don’t watch… It’s simple as that….

  27. cass says:

    Tami needs to stay and Mekka needs to go. In fact she needs to be known now that she can not return. I am a born New Yorker and I see a lot of me in Tami. I love everything about her. Although everyone is entitled to their opinion I know for sure VH1 will make the right decision when they decide to let Tami stay. Tami if you every read this know that you are loved by many. You are beautiful and you are touching the lives of many young ladies out there. Love you

  28. lipz says:

    Meeka is a cool Chick she reminds me of my friend (ARRON) TRYNA MAKE IT INTO THE GROUP AND DONT KNOW EVERYONE! …Tami is hood and real she reminds me of my friend (DEVON) ALWAYS GOING OFF…. Eveylen and Jen remind me of me and my bestfriend (DARNELL ,me and ALTON) my best friend) AND WE NEVER LIKE EACH OTHERS BOYFRIENDS) .Royce reminds me of my friend (WAYNE) WHO IS THE LIL SHORT ONE WITH THE BIG VOICE ….susie reminds me of my friend (ROSS) who’s always trynna be the peace maker but it never works. and Last but not least the person who brings basketballs wives together shaunie reminds me of my friend (JOHNNY) who tries to keep the group together! PLEASE CHECK US OUT ON YOUTUBE (BAD BOYS CLUB TRAILER)

  29. margareth says:

    why should anybody leave.look all of you know who is the problem yes you are the big mouth you really need to stop talking about others.Tami if you quit it wiil be your lost you are an ex Bw ,Meeka is the only one who should be on the show.All of you need to stop and look at who is the problem.Tami you are gettho MEEKA YOU are very stupid, Jen you do not belong to this drama and dont think twice about eric after he through the wine at you .I THINK he need to stay with his mama.ROYCE you are annoying but the only real person in the entire show as for the rest of you the essence of nonmotherfocking factor because you are true hipocryt

  30. margareth says:

    Meeka is not lying are you guys nutss yes meeka is stupid for speaking and trusting the wrong person.SUZIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE IS the problem she the one who cannot keep her tongue in check.Shunni is no saint ,but everyone is scared of her but royce.Tami is beeing a real bitch to meeka because she ‘s a bully .tami go peek on shauni or ev

  31. margareth says:

    HI the only problem in America is not really color is who you know and who like you

  32. margareth says:

    Meeka is the only who have the tittle wife under her belt I understand a lot of people like Tami but Meeka has more right to be in the show then anyone else sorry borring Meeka stays.She just have to master beeing a hepocryt

  33. margareth says:

    This is why I said she”s a bully but keep in mind she is best friend with the suprime group and they love her because they all hide thiers while she is displaying hers

  34. margareth says:

    thy manage so well to discard thiers gettho and tami is entertaning them

  35. margareth says:

    why all you chose to forget Suzie was the one telling Meeka on the other women,yes meeka is guilty for not putting her foot in her mouth.Remember Tami made the same mistake when she first came to the show attacking Ev.MEeka made a mistake

  36. brooklyn says:

    margareth learn how to spell dam and nobody’s scared of shauni

  37. brooklyn says:

    Yea girl evelyn is the real i’m from brooklyn and i love her. Jen i’m sorry you went through that

  38. Tamifanallday says:

    Ya right Meka might be the only one that is a wife now…..but so what she is wack super wack and fake! Tami is were it is at!

  39. miyoki ming says:

    Tami is the epitomy of Ghetto!!! Thats what she represents for u ? To bad..we dontneed anymore bad role models for these young girls…her own girls r embarrassed by her..thats whats wrong wit the world now!!

  40. delredd says:

    i rather 2 have tami back on the show meeka fuck u i never ever will like ur ass. meeka u talk 2 damm much but when ask u dance around the subject. so if u r gone meeks goooooby black bitch. u will not b miss by me at all.

  41. NATASHA DAVIS says:


  42. melliehunt says:

    Instead of skipping season 4 just don’t come back.

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