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Basketball Wives: Tami Roman Will Skip Season 4 If Meeka Claxton Returns

Basketball Wives: In the aftermath of their brawl in Italy, Tami Roman and Meeka Claxton are no closer to reconciling. To date, Meeka is suing Tami for assault and Tami has given VH1 an ultimatum if she it to return for Season 4. Tami called into Richmond radio host TT Torrez to discuss Meeka and the drama. Some highlights:

On Tami making a case for self-defense: (A very weak case at that)
Listen, I tried not to talk about her unlike her who has made me her entire existence but because I’m talking to you I’m going to tell you the real. This person came onto the show, never really letting us see who she really was, was very fake, was very back and forth and basically lied a lot. Now I’m giving you an opportunity in my face to tell the truth and you still going lie to my face. So to what happened in this discussion, all I see, which I’ve asked her not to do, was her getting ready to get up with her hand [don’t put your hand up] because I don’t know what you’re going to do. I don’t know if you’re going to swing at me. So, I basically…I have a defense mechanism that’s always been apart of who I am and when I saw that hand I snapped because I don’t know what you’re going to do and I need to defend myself and that’s what you guys saw last night.

On Susie being the instigator of the brawl…
….Susie isn’t strong enough…like her personality is the type of personality if you tell her something she can’t hold water. So they know if they put Susie with Evelyn, Jen and Shaunie and they happen to say something and then they put Susie in scene with Royce, eventually something that was said in that other conversation is going to come out. So they’re playing her but I don’t think she’s aware of it.

Will “Basketball Wives” come back for a fourth season?
We were actually told yesterday we do have a season four, so there will be another season of “Basketball Wives” so everybody can get their fix. If I’m participating, it will definitely be because Meeka is not participating. I think that’s a decision that VH1 has to weigh and see what person is more valuable to them with regard to the franchise because I can’t work with someone who is suing me. VH1 has to make a decision.

Meeka later calls into the same show and confirms she did file a lawsuit and is uncertain if she will return for Season 4. While also coming to terms with the fact that Tami is “messy” and “classless” and Shaunie, Evelyn and Jenn does not have her best interest at heart.

Who do you think VH1 will chose for Basketball Wives Season 4, Tami Roman or Meeka Claxton?

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