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Jennifer Lopez Flaunts Her Happiness At Birthday Celebration

Jennifer Lopez was enjoying her 42nd birthday celebration sans her estranged husband Marc Anthony in Miami over the weekend. JLo and Marc announced their break-up just two weeks to a media storm of speculation and shock. Now, Jenn the Leo, is celebrating her birthday with her twins, mom and other close friends and family.

Jennifer donned an Emilio Pucci bikini top and matching head scarf aboard a yacht, as she appeared to be dancing and flaunting how happy she is with life.

Just the evening prior, Jennifer was joined by her mother Guadalupe, one of her sisters, her stylist and others at Scarpetta restaurant at the Fontainebleau hotel.

A source told People magazine of the scene, “Jennifer looked radiant in a purple and silver evening dress. And when they brought out her birthday cake after the meal, she began to sing. She was very happy. The whole group had a blast, staying for hours. They closed down the restaurant.”

Happy Birthday Jennifer Lopez!!!

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