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Bush's Girlfriend Melissa Molinaro Respond To Kim Kardashian's Lawsuit

Update-Melissa Molinaro couldn’t keep her twitter fingers to herself forever and finally responded to Kim Kardashian‘s lawsuit against Old Navy. Melissa, Reggie Bush’s current girlfriend has became the talk of the town since the suit. Kim Kardashian who’s engaged to marry New Jersey Nets baller Kris Humphries, is suing Old Navy over the use of Molinaro in their commercial. Kim alleges Old Navy is intentionally trying to mislead the public.

Melissa had a thing or two to say to Kim – indirectly of course – about the lawsuit.

Molinaro wrote: “We’re still talking about this?! Its JULY this aired in February …some people have too much time on there hands…Some people think its all about them …its sad.”

(Reggie Bush and Kim K in happier times..)

A fan egged on Melissa by tweeting, “When I first saw the commercial I thought u looked more like Nicole Scherzinger..Def NOT Kim K.Ur WAAAAY prettier than her.”

To which Molinaro responded, “LMFAO! I agree” The fan continues to flame the fire, tweeting, “Kim is just jealous cuz ur with Reggie….I always thought he was too good for her anyways.”

Molinaro closes with: “Bhahahahah OMG I love you!”

In some ways it seems that Melissa isn’t thankful for the press – I’m sure she anticipated some of this – or perhaps she’s more peeved at Kim Kardashian’s precisely timed response. Check out the Old Navy commercial again featuring Melissa Molinaro – does Kim K have a case?

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0 thoughts on “Bush's Girlfriend Melissa Molinaro Respond To Kim Kardashian's Lawsuit

  1. ashley says:

    Well I think that Kim Kardashian is so beautiful, and Reggie cheated on her left, right and center. She is probably glad to have Reggie out of her life. Kris Humphries is way hotter than Reggie anyway. Kim is way more famous and you are trying to steal her look and it is very sad. Be your own individual.

  2. Viccy says:

    No I think Kim is full of crab she’s dumb I can’t believe she wants to sue she just jealous cause they didn’t put her dumb ass in the commercial how sad.. I think melissa is way hotter then that sorry ass..

  3. craig w. says:

    I wish that I could have a crack at Kim Kardashaian,she’s a nice looking woman,whom I wouldn’t mind having.It’s not all about all the fame and fortune she has:she looks very sweet. She can dress real nice ,I just wouldn’t mind making some good loving to the woman. For real I wish that I could have her dumb ass,so I could teach her what real love is all about.She would never want to leave me,but if you all ever get in contact with Kim let her know that Craignice71 wants her,don’t have alot of money:but have enough to take of her fine-ass.

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