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Stacey Dash Returns For Second Season Of VH1's Single Ladies

Stacey Dash and the remaining cast of VH1’s Single Ladies will return for a second season. Lisa Raye (Keisha), Stacey Dash (Val) and Charity Shea (April) will continue exploring the difficulties in love and their professional lives for another season. VH1 scored with the hour long scripted sitcom when it averaged 2.8 million total viewers.

“Our viewers have fallen for Single Ladies and its honest, modern take on love, female friendship and dating,” said Jeff Olde, exec VP of original programming and production at VH1. “We’re extremely pleased to give the audience another great season of the series they love.”

When creator Queen Latifah was recently asked about the show’s second season she responded; “My partner Shakim and I are so excited that ‘Single Ladies’ has been received so well. We knew from the beginning this show was going to appeal to people everywhere; it’s funny, sexy and smart. We are so happy that we were able to join with VH1 to find such a great home for this incredible show.”

Congrats to the cast!! Let’s hope they also bring back Anthony Williams, the stylist behind Stacey Dash’s gorgeous outfits week after week – did we mention she’s 45 years old?!?!

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0 thoughts on “Stacey Dash Returns For Second Season Of VH1's Single Ladies

  1. cnwrchll3 says:

    please dont take stacey off if so the show will be a mess, i know for one i wont look at it, i am use to her bad acting, but the show is good, and once you put actor in place with person they can’t replace them they have the roll pretty much stoned. so they need to work it out. cause both are not good actress but it works and i love it. thanks

  2. Denise H says:

    i like Jerry and Val together. That didn’t look right for the writers to bring in Val’s ex. And they make them have sex with anybody, which is not right.

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