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Ivanka Trump, Victoria & Kate: Who's Baby Name Is Most Unique?

Ivanka Trump gave birth to her first child, a daughter, with businessman Jared Kushner on Sunday morning. By Monday (7.18.11) afternoon, Ivanka and her father Donald Trump had revealed the baby girl’s name.

Trump told Fox & Friends: “Arabella, a very exotic name, Arabella Rose is the baby’s name,” he said. “I just found that out myself, by the way.”

Ivanka tweeted shortly after: “Jared and I are having so much fun playing with our daughter! Arabella Rose is beyond adorable. She’s truly a blessing,”

While no details are yet available on the meaning of the name of Arabella, Victoria Beckham and David shed some light on their daughters name, Harper Seven. The couple stated a lot of thought goes into their children’s name. David highlighted that Seven represented more than just a number on his jersey and more about the spirituality around the number.

Kate Hudson and fiance Matt Bellamy went for a family connection with their son’s name Bingham Bing Hawn. Hawn obviously comes from Kate’s mother, Bingham was Matt’s mother’s maiden name while Bing was Kurt Russell’s father’s name.

From Ivanka Trump’s Arabella Rose, Kate Hudson’s Bingham Bing Hawn and Victoria Beckham’s Harper Seven – who’s name is most unique?

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  1. jeniferforrest says:

    It’s amazing that people don’t see the irony in talking about how classless and stupid she is on an article meant to congratulate her on the birth of her baby girl. You people are acting like utter trash. Grow up. Why do people feel the need to set out to insult people? No one is ever happy.

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