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Lady Gaga Website Hacker Snatches Little Monsters Information

Lady Gaga UK website has been hacked and her Little Monsters information were snatched in the process. According to Digital Spy, US cyber attackers SwagSec, held to their promise when they hacked into Lady Gaga’s site. SwagSec laid out their intentions to hack into Gaga’s site, they did so, and released thousands of fans names and email addresses.

Gaga’ label revealed that “the hackers took a content database dump from and a section of email, first name and last name records were accessed. There were no passwords or financial information taken.”

Gaga is reportedly upset but hopes police can “get to the bottom” of the incident.

Several days ago Lady Gaga’s Youtube account was suspended for Copyright Infringement, it has since been reinstated. Rihanna and her Navy fans also took over Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters on Facebook. Such is the life of a pop star.

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