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Nicki Minaj Attacked In Palomar Hotel By Unknown Male

Nicki Minaj has been attacked in the Palomar Hotel by an unknown male. According to reports obtained by TMZ, the “Super Bass” rapper was in Dallas at the Palomar hotel swimming pool when she became involved in a heated argument with an unknown male. This unknown male however, may be known to Nicki Minaj as he stormed off to their hotel room where the argument continued. Before heading to the hotel room, Nicki reportedly asked the hotel staff to call the police.

Police arrived and Nicki explained that 1. The unknown man fled. 2. She is not in a relationship with the unknown male. 3. She is not pressing charges.

Nicki Minaj has been rumored for sometime to be dating Safaree – who was in the middle of nude scandal with Amber Rose. Nicki has since stood by Amber Rose squashing any potential arguments. No word yet on if Safaree (below) was the “unknown” male – more details will surface.

Nicki Minaj will remain on tour Britney Spears.

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  1. TheRep says:

    Thats not good but Nikki will be old news by year end. See whats next! Queena Marie. Check her out on

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