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Halle Berry Forced To Call Police After Persistent Intruder

Law enforcement officers were recently called to the Los Angeles estate of Oscar winning actress Halle Berry, twice this past weekend. After being spotted on Saturday July 9th in Halle’s front yard; the intruder allegedly returned on Sunday July 10th, where he got as close as her kitchen window.

Sources tell TMZ that Berry was in her kitchen Sunday when she looked out the window and saw a man staring at her, holding some sort of book.

After Berry quickly contacted the LAPD, a helicopter was sent to circle her home and the area nearby for almost half an hour in an attempt locate the trespasser. Unfortunately this attempt was in vain given the intruder has yet to be apprehended.

Although the present paparazzi crew which mans her home has vehemently denied implications of their involvement; the police are deciding to keep them as possible subjects of interest until the trespasser is apprehended.

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