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Maria Shriver Initiates Divorce; Arnold Stands To Lose Millions

Maria Shriver has initiated the divorce process from Anorld Schwarzenegger and Arnold stands to lose millions!

Arnold’s net worth is reportedly around $300 million while Maria Shriver’s $100 million. The couple married in the state of California with no pre-nup which means their assets are supposed to be split 50/50!!

Arnold and Maria have been married for 25 years so it’s likely ALL their assets will be pooled together and divided.

But according to TMZ, Arnold and Maria’s divorce will not go to trial (who’s idea was this??) TMZ reports that the couple will settle out of court and the 50/50 split is not required. But the process becomes more tedious as they began to trade assets back and fourth like Maria keeps the house, Arnold keeps the cars..etc.

So to keep score: Arnold Schwarzenegger has an affair with his housekeeper Mildred Baena, continues to employ her for 20 years, takes them on family vacations, fathers a child with the housekeeper and keeps it a secret for nearly 14 years. Maria sticks by Arnold while he’s accused of a litany of assaults by countless women. No word on how Maria kept things up in house. But Arnold’s definitely losing this round.

So Arnold stands to lose millions, how much should Maria Shriver gain?

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