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Jill Scott Credits New Look To Son Jett

Jill Scott has credited to her new look to her 2-year old son Jett. Jill conceived Jett with her former drummer and ex-fiance Lil John Roberts in 2009 – the same year they split. So what better motivation than to have the energy to stick around and keep up with a baby boy!

“There’s a world of discovery in his eyes, and I want to be around to enjoy it,” Jill told US weekly. Jilly from Philly decided to make a lifestyle change that now includes fun workouts, three low-fat meals and snacks per day. And viola she’s down 63 lbs!

Jill continued to gush about Jett to USA Today, “I’ve learned about myself and I’ve gained more patience than I’ve ever had. I’m in love with this little person. He is the best gift I could ever get. But being a working mother, it gets a little crazy. When I see his little face and put him in my arms, I’m just (wistful sigh) …”

Jill Scott stopped by the Today’s show Friday (7.1.11) check it out below:

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