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Salma Hayek's Husband Fathers Two Children In The Same Year

Salma Hayek’s billionaire husband Francois Henri Pinault fathered a child with former supermodel Linda Evangelista in the same year he fathered Salma’s now four year old daughter. In case you’re not sure who’s Linda Evangelista – she’s the model who famously refused to get out of bed for anything less than $10,000 – the girl’s got ambitions huh!

So it didn’t take 13 years to surface and Salma and her billionaire husband wasn’t married at the time (like Arnold and Maria) – but something about this story is soo scandalous!

Here’s the scoop: Francois was dating Linda in 2006, Francois met and began dating Salma also in 2006. Sometime that year Francois impregnates Linda but they break up (maybe) later that year Francois also impregnates Salma (who he just met that same year). Linda has her son in 2007 and refuses to name the father. Linda even lies and tells the New York Post that the father is a New York architect (we’re really hoping this person doesn’t exist – poor sucker if he does). Salma gives birth to her daughter in 2007 and counts that as Francois’ third child – it includes his two children from a previous marriage.

(Linda Evangelista)

Salma gets Francois to put a ring on it – Linda failed in this department. But two years later in 2008 Salma calls off the engagement. We’re guessing because the cat got out of the bag. Salma reconsiders and she and the billionaire wed in 2009.

Fast forward and Linda Evangelista is spotted leaving family court after failing to reach a custody agreement with non other than the billionaire.

Sigh, is it even worth to ask why a billionaire would not protect his assets and impregnate two women in the same year – one who he just met?!?! But the larger question is why would Linda keep his name a secret and find herself fighting a child support battle with a billionaire?! And of course, did Salma Hayek know the billionaire’s secret?

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