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Jada Pinkett Smith Covers Redbook August Issue

Jada Pinkett Smith covers the August issue of Redbook and talks her family, sacrifices and raising her children in Hollywood.

On putting family first: “I had to make choices. Believe me, I would still be on the road with my band, Wicked Wisdom, and making as many movies as I can a year, and doing all sorts of other things if I didn’t have the responsibility of a family. But I have children with their own talents and dreams, and I know I have to be standing next to them for that journey.”

On giving up on her rockstar dreams: “It was excruciating, completely excruciating. When Jaden was auditioning for The Pursuit of Happyness, my band had just gotten an offer to open for Guns N’ Roses in Europe. For me, that was unbelievable. But the choice was: I could be a rock star, or I could be on the set with my son to make sure he was healthy and happy. We all know how that story ended!”

On raising her kids in Hollywood: “Let me tell you what I fear most: Them growing up like I did, in a house with drugs in a war zone, where if I walked out my door I could be shot. Hollywood ain’t nothing compared to that! Growing up in the streets of Baltimore, or the streets of Philly where Will grew up – I’d rather have my kids here. It still makes me nervous that they’re part of something that isn’t totally real, but it’s up to Will and me to teach them what’s real and what’s not.”

You can definitely see Willow Smith living out Jada Pinkett’s rock star dreams! Love the family pics below…

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  1. mplo says:

    So, Jada_Dreams (Plinkett Smith) gave up being a rock star for her family??! So what?!? Biiiiiiiiiiig deal!
    She’s an arrogant, nasty, foul-tempered, insulting, unattractive little shrew, who has not earned my respect, regardless of what she and her family have gone through. Maybe when she starts acting like a decent, more civilized human being, Jada_Dreams (Plinkett Smith) will earn my respect, but definitely not before then. I’m not holding my breath, either, btw.

  2. mplo says:

    Who the hell cares if Jada Pinkett Smith and her husband invite Cameras into their Malibu, CA home? Not me…that’s for sure. I’ll say one thing: Bitchy Jada had one thing right: I’ve got a different style of posting, socializing and communicating, and that shrew took full advantage of it, in order to hound me off of, due to my writing/posting style. I hope the lifestyle that she and her family are presently leading go straight to hell in a basket and that Jada and her family wind up straight back in the ghetto where they came from. They deserve that.

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