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Beyonce Runs The World

Beyonce has since returned to the US but not before she closed out Glastonbury, stopped by Piers Morgan and performed on X Factor France. Beyonce dropped her fourth studio album “4” this past Tuesday debuting in as many as 14 countries according to Billboard. Earlier this week we reported a story from NY Post that Columbia execs were not pleased with Beyonce’s final product. A Columbia exec has since squashed the rumor stating,

All the speculation that gets around is frustrating when it’s just not true. The story about us being unhappy with the record and stuff is just not true. There’s never been any doubt or conversations about moving the record or changing it… Those conversations never existed. We’re really, really happy with it.

There’s that. Watch Beyonce perform “Run the World, Girls” on X Factor: France

On another journey before heading back to the US, Beyonce stopped by Piers Morgan and the topic landed on babies. Beyonce who’s super excited to turn 30 in September coyly spoke on the subject ending with “Only God Knows”. Check it below:

While Piers is waiting for Beyonce let him know what “God” says, MTV will premiere “The Year of 4” tonight. A documentary that follows Beyonce on her journey over the past year that has lead her to completing “4”. Here’s a snippet from the press release:

“Beyoncé: Year of 4” is the story of Beyoncé’s return as an independent woman navigating her company through the rough waters of the music industry, making a personal album that’s unlike anything she’s ever done. After the much anticipated “I AM…” tour ends, Beyoncé finds herself in dire need of a break.

“Beyoncé: Year of 4” premieres at 7pm. Watch a sneak peak below:

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