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Beyonce Advocates Fearful Of Album "4" Flop

Are Beyonce’s advocates fearful over the Tuesday release of her fourth studio album “4” being a flop? Yes, according to the New York Post. Beyonce received mixed reviews on the lead single “Run The World, Girls” while she’s garnered more support for the follow-up singles. But while Beyonce’s die-hard fans remain in her corner her record company Columbia is less than confident.

An insider reportedly tells the New York Post that Columbia Records executives requested Beyonce to do over a couple tracks, but the “Schoolin’ Life” singer refused. Now the executives are “…very nervous about Beyoncé’s new record. It doesn’t have the hit songs that her fans are used to. They asked her to make changes, but she said no.”

In order to off set the low sale numbers, Columbia is fanning the flames of a Destiny’s Child reunion.

“Beyoncé’s career has stalled a bit,” the insider continued. “Columbia seems to think they can get some mileage out of a comeback record with all of the girls.”

Reps at Columbia are denying the claim telling NY Post, “All I know is that the record came in . . . Nothing was ever discussed to change it.” Beyoncé’s rep said, “All of this is completely untrue. All of it.”

Kelly Rowland who’s enjoying perhaps the best success of her solo career with her hit “Motivation” and her judging duties for UK X Factor is reportedly less than eager to do a reunion album. (Time will tell)

While insiders work to make “4” a hit, Beyonce is doing her part to tear down the stage for her debut at Glastonbury. The perfectionist that is Beyonce was in London for three weeks rehearsing following her test performance in Nice, France. Beyonce’s performance will also be streamed live to double as her BET performance.

So could Beyonce’s album “4” be her first flop? And if so, isn’t that sometimes the price an artist pays for going in a new direction? With enough promotion, we’re sure Beyonce and her handlers will make Beyonce’s new sound her sound.

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16 thoughts on “Beyonce Advocates Fearful Of Album "4" Flop

  1. Shay says:


  2. ethan says:

    who in the hell wrote this dumbass article flop never beyonce will sell like crazy with over 250,000k pre-sales alone the #1album in 12 countries rite now …this article is very dumb and uneducated

  3. KIDRIGHT says:

    I agree it may be a flop. My friend which is a big beyonce fan got her album and said it wasn’t good at all…..but we’ll just see when the sales come out.

  4. kennethm says:

    stfu im so sick of you people talking about people worshiping the damn devil you guys keep taliking about it so ya worship him you sick freaks omg you guys are so wierd get a life

  5. Kelly Rowland Fan says:

    Beyonce is just another cut and paste artist who has gotten as far as she has based on weaves and wind machines. She peaked with her first solo song ‘Crazy in Love’ and has been foooling her fans ever since. But guess what ? People are out of work and poor and even an die hard admirer won’t waste money on rubbish when they can burn a copy and listen to it for free, Heck, Beyonce’s rich, she’ll eat regardless.

  6. C-mo says:

    Who cares if it is a flop. I think it is her most truthful and risk taking album. I’ll be buying my copy. She has nothing to prove anymore.

  7. deanna says:

    i have never bought her music and never will. A reunion with the girls would work for sure. Everyone likes to see a trio of beautiful girls, and we dont have any great trios right now.

  8. Devans says:

    I have her album and I must say that it is not her best…there are a couple of songs that i like and can relate to, which is whaty i like about her, but definitely not like her other cds…this album could be a risk but if she is confident in her abilities and if there are true Beyonce fans that will stick by her…then she’ll sell…it may not be the amount that they want but she’ll sell regardless! I wouldnt say that this album could be a flop…but well have to c the numbers later on.

  9. Kelly Rowland Fan - Shut up (seriously) says:

    everything you just said was negated by your UserName. Kelly Rowland “Fan”? Really? For real? You do realize that neither of them would be where they are today had it not been for each other? So to knock one, is to knock them both. That aside, you call yourself a Kelly Rowland “fan” knowing that Kelly hasn’t put out much quality music at all herself. She is big in Europe, why? She’s “just another cut and paste artist who has gotten as far as she has based on [bad/ridiculous] weaves and wind machines” like a second class Rihanna. Kelly peaked with Destiny’s Child. The only reason she’s getting attention now is because with this ONE song, “Motivation.” Strictly sexually based rhythm and pop. At least Beyonce is experimenting with sound and trying to make legitimate music for our Milennial-disco peers. Im no Beyonce stan, but I give credit where its due. Stop hating.

  10. Ann Onymous says:

    Her album is shit and out of date. The songs sound like they’re from 8-9 years ago.

    Plus I’m sick of her wearing fur. Hasn’t she got the imagination to show what a rich bitch she is in some other way? Who does she think she is?

  11. ash says:

    does anyone find it weird how beyonce is being influenced by JayZ in how she is constantly using the triangle symbol in her videos and performances.. her latest outing on stage at the festival she performed with the triangle as her back drop.. the triangle is closed related to the illuminati, she admitted that Jay helped with her stage set up.. like what is up with her using these symbols? is it just a coincidence? I’m really starting to have doubts in regards to her usage of these symbols, is she now an illuminati follower?

  12. What???? says:

    Is people being serious? 4 isnt a flop it’s only been out 24 hours in the UK! Bey made chart history, with the album going to number 1 in 37 Mins in the UK, and run the world (girls) is number1 on Billboard hot 200! So please, get a life! Beyonce could bring out crap songs and still not be a flop, wanna know why? Because she is the only talented artist on the planet, all this Rihanna, And I even hear keri hilson? I mean who even is she, I sing better than her in the bath and I can’t even sing! No one will ever compare to Queen B! So STFU and get over it! Illumaniti? So can she not have a triangle on her stage without being a devil worshipper, listen to yourselves, even if she was (WHICH SHE ISN’T) I’d still buy her music! She’s that AMAZING, bye

  13. Juicyfruit says:

    That seems to be full of half-truths. They could be concerned but why would they say she’s stalled when she’s really taken a requisite break between albums? And it makes no sense that they’d immediately start thinking a DC reunion. That said.. There is no ‘new’ direction with 4, judging from the songs. It actually sounds like the same stuff only not as good. I haven’t liked one song yet from the five I’ve heard off of it. I’m sure it will sell millions but nowhere near what ‘I am’ did.

  14. Nauche says:

    Beyawnce lol album will flop, that robotic, fake bitch paid for her success, and its just a matter of time tell the truth is revealed about how the knowels clan stole and bought there daughter’s way to the top. From stealing songs, leads from Real artist to all the lies. Mark my word, i’ll give it 2yrs when it all starts to unfold. Trust me I know.

  15. missionispossible says:

    I agree with you for real. People need to stop hating on Beyonce so bad. I mean who cares if whether her album is a flop or not. She still doesn’t care about how people could care less about her status of her albums. She still can get it. I love Beyonce and she has an amazing voice and has it going on for herself. What’s sad? She married that loser Jay-Z who said that “Jesus can’t save you,” in that music. I don’t have no respect for what Jay-Z said in that song. I mean it’s sad. REALLY sad.

  16. JJomp says:

    I have to say I’ve never understood what it is that people get from beyonce. She’s incredibly unoriginal, has nothing to say or contribute-save for “look at me! I’m mo betta I’m mo bettah!” She’s transparently banal. Rihanna made Beyonce obsolete ages ago.

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