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Rihanna Outraged Over Fake Chris Brown Tweet

Pop star Rihanna has expressed her outrage over a fake Chris Brown tweet. It appeared that Rihanna posted the following tweet,

“I admit, I provoked Chris to hit me. It was not entirely his fault. #ImSORRY.”

This tweet was later proven to be fake as Rihanna vehemently denies sending it. MTV Canada was later targeted by Rihanna as the culprit for re-posting the tweet.

Rihanna blasted MTV Cananda news in a tweet stating, “are u f–ing kiddin me?????? You’re supposed to be a RELIABLE source for news on music and this is the bulls– u post?”

MTV Canada responded stating “We were reporting on a story that was posted on several sites today. We had no intention to be salacious.”

It’s not hard to imagine why Rihanna would be upset about this tweet. The assault occurred on Grammy night 2009 and while both stars are hoping to move forward the events of that night are still haunting them.

This brings up another question: Is twitter hurting or helping celebrities like Rihanna and Chris Brown – who are no strangers to twitter beefs?

In other Rihanna news, the “Man Down” singer is facing a second lawsuit for “S&M” from another photographer Philipp Paulus . Philip alleges Rihann’a copied his work from “Paperworld”.

Sigh…it makes you wonder if Rihanna’s creative director new this would come….


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