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Usher Wants Pippa Middleton For His Underwear Line?

Usher is hoping to cash in on Pippa Middleton‘s popularity by signing her up to represent his underwear line. Pippa Middleton or her “Royal Hotness” as she is known is some circles shot to fame when she strutted her stuff at her sister Kate Middleton’s Royal Wedding to Prince William. Pippa Middleton has still managed to hold on to her 15 minutes, really without trying, and now Usher wants to extend it further.

Reportedly Usher told Look Magazine, “I don’t think there’s a more beautiful, more stunning, more talked-about woman in the world at the moment. I’m going to be approaching her in the next few weeks and setting up a meeting this summer.”

“The great thing about her is that she would be a global brand. Everybody knows her now, she would be perfect. I am sure everybody is trying to sign her up and she won’t be cheap, but she has the looks and the popularity to really establish a new product.”

“A few years back everyone wanted the Jennifer Lopez look, but now everyone asks for a bottom like Pippa’s – curvy but not too peachy.”

Kim Kardashian who recently took a butt x-ray to deny her butt was fake still stands at the other end of the spectrum. So which one will consumers jump to?

This feels like a cheap move from Usher jumping on the Pippa Middleton band wagon and we’re not completely buying it, are you?

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