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Jill Scott Rocks The Cover Of Billboard Magazine

Jill Scott has been busy promoting her fourth studio album “The Light of the Sun” – this time she’s landed a rocking cover of Billboard magazine’s July 2nd issue. Ms. Jilly from Philly talks transitioning to a new label and coming full circle

On joining a new label
“Free. That’s the word I’ve been using.”It’s exciting, because it’s on my own terms,” Scott says. “I feel like my eyes are going to bulge out of my head. It’s like starting all over again. Music shouldn’t be a chore or feel like any kind of burden. It’s free and alive. And that’s where I am.”

On her recording process:
All Scott wanted, she says, was to choose collaborators who could “embody the energy I was going for. Without any pretense, without knowing what I was going to say . . . there was no guidance except for the energy and spirit in the room. I’m a big Salvador Dali fan; he put his blood and everything else he had in his painting. That’s how it is for me. There’s no blood on this record, but there sure is some heart.”

On coming full circle:
“I’ve missed myself,” she says. “I’m sassy again, stronger. Now I understand this industry to a certain extent, and know how I work best. Having my son was one of the key factors in me leaving the old label. I need him to see me be as amazing as I can be so he feels fearless. I haven’t arrived at amazing yet. I’m in the process. But I want him to see me grow. I want to get another 30 years out of this amazing life of being an artist.”

We’ve missed you too Jilly! Welcome back Jill Scott! Check out Jill Scott and Anthony Hamilton in “So In Love”

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