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Listen To Beyonce's Bonus Single 'Schoolin' Life'

Listen to Beyonce’s new single “Schoolin’ Life” to be available on her Deluxe CD available only at Target. Beyonce’s deluxe CD which will include three addition new songs will be released the same day as “4”. “Schoolin’ Life” is written by The Dream and continues to explore the many new sides of Beyonce’s sound.

“Mom and Dad tried to hide the boys
I swear that just made them want me even more
At 14 they asked me what I want to be
I said ‘baby 21, so I can get me a drink’”
Schoolin’ Life – Beyoncé by HDMI44

What’s your critic’s rating of “Schoolin’ Life”

Also check out Beyonce’s commercial for Target. “4” drops June 28th.

Beyonce has high hopes for the impact of music: “I really want people to think when they listen to my music. I want it to help them through their painful memories, their painful moments, and their most happy moments. I want it to be a conversation.”

What conversation can you imagine having to Beyonce’s “Schoolin’ Life”? We can think of a thing or two…:-)

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