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Jennifer Lopez Admires But Won't Copy Lady Gaga's Style

Jennifer Lopez admires Lady Gaga but refuses to copy her style. Lady Gaga has etched a unique space in the industry that dubs her the Madonna of our time. Even Beyonce who’s slated for icon success is being compared to Lady Gaga with her new sound. Lady Gaga undoubtedly controls a large chunk of the pop market.

J.Lo who collaborated with Gaga for two singles on her album “Love?”, tells MTV news: “I’m always motivated by other artists and inspired by them. They inspire me because when I see other people doing great things, it makes me want to do great things too.”

“I love her (Gaga’s) sense of lyric and melody, I feel like she’s very interesting. It’s just not something you’re gonna hear every day.”

“I never am one to look at other people and try to do what they do. I always feel like a true artist does what they do and it is very individual to who they are.

“You can’t copy or do anything like that it just becomes weird but if you’re true to yourself and push your own boundaries and your limits, you can’t help but come out with something great.”

It’s refreshing when artists produces great music, something that defies the trend. While Jennifer Lopez’s music isn’t ground breaking, we’re happy she isn’t jumping on the bandwagon of the likes of Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Katy Perry.

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